Mozu ~ Character Introduction #4

Muroi Gen (Namase Katsuhisa)


Muroi is the assistant commissioner and chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Public Security Bureau. Kuraki Naotake’s superior. Kuraki’s wife Chihiro who died in the bomb blast had been a former police officer with Public Security and subordinate of Muroi. As a boss who is familiar with the couple, Muroi cares for Kuraki and orders him taken off the case so that he will not bring personal feelings into the investigation. He issues instructions for him to take two weeks off.

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2 Responses to Mozu ~ Character Introduction #4

  1. Rootabega says:

    So many awesome actors lined up for this dorama;)

  2. Rootabega says:

    I wasn’t joking, I meant to write a smile emoticon ;))

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