WOWOW Drama Special 2014 ~ Hitojichi no Roudokukai


Date: From 8.00 p.m., 8 March 2014
Cast: Sato Ryuta, Otani Naoko, Hasegawa Tomoharu, Hara Hideko, Anan Kenji, Miura Takahiro, Washio Machiko, Haru, Nishida Naomi, Tokunaga Eri, Leo K, Hidari Tokie, Sasaki Sumie
Original Work: Hitojichi no Roudokukai by Ogawa Yoko
Synopsis: A terrorist incident occurred in a country in South America. All six Japanese hostages died in this protracted case. It was the worst and most heartbreaking outcome. Two years later, the incident grabs attention in an unexpected way. A Japanese radio station had learned about the existence of a tape containing the voices of the hostages while they were still alive, and made it public. It was Nakahara Seiichi (Sato Ryuta), a journalist with the radio station, who had received a phone call from Hirasawa Hitomi (Haru), a family member of one of the victims. According to Hitomi whose mother Sakiko (Otani Naoko) was killed in the terrorist incident, the government army working to resolve the case at that time planted wiretaps and the voices of the hostages were in it. She had that audio tape in her possession and talked about wanting to know her mother’s last moments. What was compiled is a “recitation of life”; daily stories of memorable events to each of the six captives of different occupations and ages. Dojima Hiroshi (Hasegawa Tomoharu), an unknown writer; Takahashi Satoko (Hara Hideko), an ordinary housewife; Hirata Ryohei (Anan Kenji), a plant manager; Kuraki Shoko (Washio Machiko), a company clerk; Eto Takahiro (Miura Takahiro), a tour guide; and Sakiko, a food lecturer. Nakahara was entrusted with this tape containing the voices of the hostages. At the time of the terrorist incident, Nakahara was gathering materials on the case, and he worked hard to release this tape to the public through the airwaves … …
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