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Saturdays, 9.00 – 9.55 p.m. from 1 March 2014

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Yajima Manufacturing is a small factory in a part of Ota district in Tokyo. It is run by Yajima Koichi and his son Kentaro. One day, bobsleigh athlete Yanagida Miki suddenly visits with the request that they make a sleigh for her so that she can ride it at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Miki does not shrink away from the hardship of the minor event, and is cheerful and positive. Because a bobsleigh is a conveyance that Kentaro is unfamiliar with, he tries to turn down this request. But when he sees how seriously she is in training for the Olympics, he is moved by her passion and takes on this responsibility. Without sufficient funds, parts and blueprint, Kentaro fumbles to make the sleigh. Seeing him like this, the factory’s workers also pitch in to make the sleigh and before long, the unprecedented bobsleigh project gains steam.

Aoyagi Sho as Yajima Kentaro
The heir of Yajima Manufacturing. His job hunt did not go well and he has been working at his family’s small factory. He lacks confidence because he has had few successes in what he does. He can be indecisive sometimes.

Minamisawa Nao as Yanagida Miki
A bobsleigh athlete. She started bobsleighing since university and fell short of making the Vancouver Olympics. She works as a university staff while training to secure a place in the next Olympics.

Kanie Keizo as Yajima Koichi
The owner of Yajima Manufacturing. His skills at a lathe is the best. Because he is not at interacting with people outside of work, he is unintentionally harsh in the way he treats his family, especially his son Kentaro.

Okamoto Azusa as Yajima Yoshimi
Yajima Kentaro’s younger sister. She is athletic and was in the basketball club during high school days. She has been doing the family’s housework by herself ever since their mother passed away several years ago. She gets carried away by Yanagida Miki’s enthusiasm and aspires to be a bobsleigh athlete.

Tsurumi Shingo as Mamiya Yasuo
A factory manager. He loves starting on new things. Although he is easily influenced, he can be a little irresponsible. He is like an older brother to Yajima Kentaro and the youngsters. He takes an interest in Kentaro’s project to make the bobsleigh and helps to look for sponsors.

Uchino Kenta as Tamura Yoichi
Yajima Kentaro’s good friend. The heir of a family-run factor with 15 employees. Although he is the managing director, he is no match for the older veteran workers. He has a fondness for sweets.

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