Fuji TV Drama Special 2014 ~ Saikou no Rikon Special


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From 9.00 p.m., 8 February 2014

“Do you know the reason for divorce? It’s marriage. We divorced because we were married. It’s painful,” Hamasaki Mitsuo, a salaryman at a company that installs automatic vending machines, complains as usual at the dental clinic. It has been exactly a year since he and Yuka divorced, but they are still living together and thinking of remarriage after all. At the end of the year, Mitsuo and Yuka are at an auto-camping ground. Mitsuo is industrious as always while Yuka does nothing and only talks as she drinks beer. They link up with Uehara Ryo down there and he delightedly tells them that Akari has given birth to their baby girl without any complications in Aomori and is expected to return to Tokyo the next day. After the camp, Mitsuo and Yuka pay a visit to Yuka’s family home in Fujinomiya. It is a big gathering with even Aiko and the entire Hamasaki family. They get charged up over a spirited session of karaoke and Mitsuo announces remarriage on the spot. The parents cry tears of relief. However, there is an obstacle towards remarriage that Mitsuo and Yuka simply cannot overcome … … On the other hand, Ryo gets traumatised. This is because of Shiomi Kaoru’s sudden appearance before him. Kaoru was his first love from high school days and they ran off together to Hokkaido on the overnight limited express train Cassiopeia. But she eventually told him, “I won’t marry you. You’re not enough.” On the third day, the elopement ended when they were caught at a Sapporo hotel after Kaoru’s parents filed a missing person’s report. After that, Kaoru married another man and then divorced him. She went on to marry and divorce again. This reunion rocks Ryo who cannot even tell Kaoru that he is married and he is given a ticket for the Cassiopeia. There is also the appearance of Kurobe Santoku who runs a take-away meal store near the Hamasakis laundry shop. A doting father bringing up 6-year-old Kohei and 3-year-old Kana by himself after his wife left him, he gets acquainted with Yuka and gradually grows to like her. Kana in particular has a soft spot for Yuka and wants Yuka to become her mother. Will Mitsuo, Yuka, Ryo and Akari be able to realise what is important? And will they be able to protect it? A big commotion unfolds on the Cassiopeia.

* Eita as Hamasaki Mitsuo
* Ono Machiko as Hamasaki Yuka
* Maki Yoko as Uehara Akari
* Ayano Go as Uehara Ryo
* Ichikawa Mikako as Seta Tomoyo
* Matsuo Satoru as Seta Tsuguo
* Yachigusa Kaoru as Hamasaki Aiko
* Usuda Asami as Shiomi Kaoru
* Okada Yoshinori as Kurobe Santoku
* Gatsu Ishimatsu as Hoshino Takehiko
* Oshima Yoko as Hoshino Keiko

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