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The five-member band Shark wants to change the world with their music and dreams of making its major debut. The band’s appeal has been discovered Komatsu Ichika of Wonder Records and they are on the verge of debuting with the record company. However, Shark loses its charismatic vocalist Kitagawa Kazuki in a freak motorbike accident. One year after Kazuki’s death, the remaining members Hagiwara Kai, Adachi Teppei, Ryuzaki Ayumu, Satomi Kenzo have continued with live performances, but the fans have for the most part drifted away. Kai, who has replaced Kazuki as the vocalist, lacks the appeal to be the band’s frontman and Shark is told by Yoshimura Takahiro, Ichika’s boss at Wonder Records, that their contract is terminated. Ichika hopes for the continued existence of the band. She thinks that if Shark can find vocalist to be the new frontman, it will clear the way for another major debut. And so, she scrambles to look for a new vocalist. At this moment, she hears a young man sing at the wedding ceremony of Okawa Miku, a junior at work. He is the former vocalist of Blackdog, Kurata Mizuki. Ichika is mesmerised by Mizuki’s unpolished yet heartfelt voice and suggests that he join Shark. However, the cocky Mizuki curtly refuses. He has no intention to join an obscure indie band. While Ichika is convinced of Mizuki’s talent, Kai clings to performing as a four-member band. Kenzo shows reservations about their future. Meanwhile, Mizuki has been scouted by Honda Productions. He visits a triumphant Mashima Yuto who proposes that he debut in a unit with a popular model.

Hirano Sho as Kurata Mizuki
A part-time worker who is a former child star. Although he is born with the vocals and is good at performing anything, he also is impatient and has a quick temper.

Yamashita Rio as Komatsu Ichika
An employee at the record company, Wonder Records. She loves the music of Shark, which she discovered, from the bottom of her heart. The future of the band is her top priority.

Hamada Takahiro as Hagiwara Kai
Shark’s frontman and lead guitarist. He acts cool with the people around him but in fact works twice as hard as others. He has a secret regarding Kitagawa Kazuki’s death.

Matsumura Hokuto as Ryuzaki Ayumu
Shark’s guitarist and the only member who is a high school student that attends a preparatory school. He has been told by his family to quit the band

Iwamoto Hikaru as Satomi Kenzo
Shark’s drummer. The band members rely on him but he has actually been scouted by another band.

Fujii Ryusei as Kitagawa Kazuki
Shark’s former vocalist who died in a motorbike accident. He had many female fans because of his beautiful voice and handsome looks. His sudden death came as a big shock to them.

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