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28-year-old Chikura Tsugumi is feared as “Miss Adversity” in her hometown. She has beckoned trouble from an early age and caused problems for her surroundings and even her family. The people around her as well as the people with a connection to her are bound to be unlucky because of her unmatched “powers of misfortune”. Tsugumi has graduated from a vocational college but the companies she finds employment with go bankrupt one after another. Even when she gets a qualification in an attempt to hold a steady job, her efforts are not rewarded. Then, her younger sister Sakiko decides to marry and Tsugumi resolves to move up to Tokyo to start the next chapter of her life so that she will not be able to bring misfortune on her beloved family. However, she quickly gets involved in an accident with Sakae Konosuke and somehow ends up working at his rental office Anew, a co-working space. It is a place which has attracted attention for the working style of young entrepreneurs and freelancers who stimulate each other and create new value as they work on their own. Tsugumi is inspired to try and breakaway from her unlucky life, in the course of working together with upbeat entrepreneurs aiming to achieve success. However, a series of adversities occur the moment her welcome party starts. Will she be able to truly find happiness?

Kanjiya Shihori as Chikura Tsugumi
A secretary at the co-working space, Anew. She took it into her head from a very young age that the misfortunes happening to those close to her was her fault. This developed into a bad habit of imagining adversities and now she has become an extreme pessimist. She and others acknowledge that she is a female who “summons misfortune”. Because of her strong powers of misfortune, everything that has to do with her will be doomed. In order to dispel this image, she comes to Tokyo and ends up working at Anew through an accident.

Hagiwara Masato as Sakae Konosuke
The owner of Anew, a company with a new business style called co-working space. A wealthy young man with a sharp tongue although he is impossible to hate. He is a pessimist by nature, but acts like a positive person in front of people. This is why he is actually very vulnerable. He gets involved in an accident because of a chance meeting with Chikura Tsugumi, and his luxury car has to be scrapped.

Kinami Haruka as Onishi Airi
She operates a business at Anew in support of single mothers like her who work. A delinquent who was a biker girl until the age of 15. Although she seems to be a tough woman with spunk, she is compassionate and caring.

Okura Koji as Koganezawa Ginji
A shady entrepreneur at Anew who runs several companies and is aiming for a hit with “healing water” and hand-made “mascot characters”. He is simply persistent about making money, but his line of business is full of mystery.

Ibu Masato as Fushiyama Seiji
He resigned from the company he has worked at for years to start a private investigation business which has been his long-cherished dream. His wife has passed away and he lives with his daughter. He gets few jobs and is out of place in the busy Anew, but he behaves as if he is a full-fledged private eye.

Nomura Masumi as Chikura Sakiko
Chikura Tsugumi’s younger sister. A clerk at a real estate company in their hometown. Unlike her older sister who does not know how to swim with the tide, she is cheerful and quick to realise what needs to be done. She worries about Tsugumi more than anybody else.

Yajima Kenichi as Chikura Yoshiyuki
Chikura Tsugumi’s father. The former director of the insect museum, he is still pursuing the phantom butterfly Himehikage. It distresses him that he does not get on well with Tsugumi, but he is unable to express any of it.

Sato Naoko as Chikura Kanae
Chikura Tsugumi’s mother. Although she frets and wants to do something about Tsugumi’s predisposition to misfortune, Sakiko’s talk of marriage prompts her to get the family face to face again in an attempt to solve the problem.

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