Sanbiki no Ossan ~ Seigi no Mikata, Kenzan!


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Fridays, 7.58 – 8.54 p.m. from 17 January 2014

TV Tokyo

Kiyota Kiyokazu has reached the mandatory retirement age at the company where he has worked for many and makes a fresh start as a part-time employee of a group of game centres. He goes home after the last shift. At home, his wife Yoshie as well as his son Kenji, daughter-in-law Takako and grandchild Yuki who live on the second floor gather in an attempt to celebrate his sixtieth birthday. However, something triggers Kiyokazu’s anger. He stalks out of the house and heads for the pub, ‘Yoidore Kujira’. While catching up with Tachibana Shigeo, the pub’s former owner and his childhood friend, and Arimura Norio, another childhood friend, over drinks, the three of them share their memories of giving themselves the name “champions of justice” and being called the “Three Brats” of the neighbourhood. They get carried away, and in the process, the talk turns to dangers such as sneak thieves, handbag snatchers and molesters making the rounds of the town at night nowadays. The neighbourhood watch group called ‘Three Old Men’ is formed at this point with kendo master Kiyokazu, judo expert Shigeo and brainy Norio. They now begin their first patrol. From the first day, Kiyokazu and Norio succeed in saving a woman from a handbag snatcher. The two of them leave without giving their names, but their actions become the talk even in the news. All three take satisfaction in this and are eager to capture a molester this time, but … … On the other hand, Kiyokazu who has been put in charge of the accounts at the game centre, is concerned about the discrepancies in the account book’s earnings and expenses. According to Suda Ryoji, the manager of the game centre, game centres experience a heavy flow of human traffic and money transactions. There have been occasions when the register is spoilt and money is taken out. It is also not uncommon for employees to be threatened and robbed while transporting the money.

Kitaoji Kinya as Kiyota Kiyokazu
Nickname: Kiyo. He was a member of the former “Three Brats”. A kendo master. He has reached 60 but his skills have not dulled. He retired from a local construction contractor and found part-time employment with an amusement park which runs a group of companies. He has a strong sense of justice. Lamenting the decline of public morals in the neighbourhood, he decides to make the rounds at night in order to uphold public order. However, he is hen-pecked by his wife at home and has no place to call his own.

Izumiya Shigeru as Tachibana Shigeo
Nickname: Shige. He was a member of the former “Three Brats”. A judo expert. The former owner of the pub ‘Yoidore Kujira’ where the three old men hangout. He is the livewire of the trio. His son Kosei and daughter-in-law Rieko are now in charge of the pub. He often quarrels with his wife Tomiko but they are actually on good terms?

Shiga Kotaro as Arimura Norio
Nickname: Norio. He was a member of the former “Three Brats” and was the brains. He has no rival once allowed to dabble in machinery. He quit his job as a salaryman and runs Arimura Electronics, a small factory which he set up. His wife had a delicate constitution and passed away during childbirth. He lives with his daughter Sanae, a second-year high school student, whom he dotes on. He is most scary when he loses his temper.

Nakada Yoshiko as Kiyota Yoshie
Kiyota Kiyokazu’s wife. A childhood friend from the time that Kiyo, Shige and Norio were the “Three Brats” and the object of their adoration. She keeps her husband on a short rope and quarrels with her daughter-in-law Takako throughout the year because of her outspoken manner.

Fujita Yumiko as Tachibana Tomiko
Tachibana Shigeo’s wife. After the pub business was turned over to her son and daughter-in-law, she would use her free time for tea ceremonies and being a groupie. This is the reason for her squabbles with her husband all year round.

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