Kami no Tsuki


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Tuesdays, 10.00 – 10.50 p.m. from 7 January 2014


Umezawa Rinka lives with her husband Masafumi. They do not have children, and she starts working part-time at Wakaba Bank. As a liaison officer, she goes round to customers and gains the trust of lonely old people like Nago Tamae through her willingness to help with household chores. Among them is Hirabayashi Kozo, a local landowner infatuated with Rinka. One day, Rinka is called to the Hirabayashi household where she meets Hirabayashi’s grandson Kota who has come to borrow money from him. Two years later, Rinka embezzles 100 million yen in cash which she has been holding for customers. She flees abroad and is placed on the wanted list. Okazaki Yuko and Nakajo Aki, who were Rinka’s good friends, meet again at a high school reunion. The two of them talk about the incident Rinka caused. Why would a housewife who lived comfortably with her salaryman husband have needed 100 million yen? It has been reported in the news that it all went to a young man. Unable to believe this, Yuko and Aki recollect the episodes with Rinka as they ruminate about the case and have no choice but to confront the darkness in each of their hearts.

Harada Tomoyo as Umezawa Rinka
A housewife hurt by her husband’s offhand behaviour. She gets a part-time job at a bank to find a place where she belongs. She earns the trust of clients and believes she can finally be herself, but the gulf between her and her husband grows wider. At this moment, she makes the acquaintance of Hirabayashi Kota. He is the grandson of her wealthy client and in debt. She undergoes a big change after being told by Kota that she is lovely. Wanting to be of help to him, she starts to dip into her client’s money.

Mizuno Maki as Okazaki Yuko
Umezawa Rinka’s friend from high school days. Money will not make a person happy. She strives to be frugal to the point of near mania. This is the reason why her relationship with her husband and daughter has started to become strained.

Nakajo Aki as Nishida Naomi
Umezawa Rinka’s friend from high school days. She is divorced because she is a shopaholic, and also loses custody of her only daughter. Reunited with her daughter for the first time in a long while, she is only able to form a relationship with her through shopping.

Mitshishima Shinnosuke as Hirabayashi Kota
Hirabayashi Kozo’s grandson. A student who is absorbed in producing his own films, he is saddled with heavy debt. He meets Umezawa Rinka at his grandfather’s house and falls in love at first sight with her unaffected personality.

Mickey Curtis as Hirabayashi Kozo
A large landowner and a key client of Wakaba Bank. He is obstinate about not giving and money to his son and grandson, but he is very fond of Umezawa Rinka and entrusts a large sum of money in an attempt to get her attention.

Fuji Manami as Nago Tamae
Umezawa Rinka’s client. She has absolute trust in her while she feels paranoid that her own daughter has designs on her money. But this is actually a sign of senility.

Mitsuishi Ken as Umezawa Masafumi
Umezawa Rinka’s husband. He feels inferior to Rinka’s wealthy family which is in business. He psyches himself up to “provide for his wife” but this turns out badly and he hurts her with his insensitivity and lack of understanding.

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