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Koyurugi Sota, who attends a confectionary school, fell in love at first sight with his senior Takahashi Saeko during high school days. They started dating right before Christmas after a lot of effort. However, Saeko says she cannot meet Sota on Valentine’s Day which they should be commemorating together. Sota has no choice but to see her on the eve of Valentine’s Day. He tries to hand the chocolates he made for her with all his heart, knowing that she loves them. But Saeko refuses to accept. She even tells him that she did not mean to date him. However, the single-minded Sota is not discouraged. He goes over to France alone and arrives at L’atelier de Bonnaire, the famous Parisian chocolatier. Although he comes from a confectionary school, he has no experience working at a chocolatier and also cannot speak French. Even so Sota entreats L’atelier de Bonnaire to let him work here. What has brought him to Paris is his love for Takahashi Saeko. Saeko loves the finest chocolates, especially Bonnaire’s. Sota wants to become a chocolatier and make her pay attention to him. Six years later in the autumn of 2013, Sota returns to Japan with Olivier Treluyer whom he met at Bonnaire and is busy with preparing for his shop’s opening. Then, Saeko shows up. She has learnt through TV that Sota is now famous as the “Chocolate Prince”. Sota acts cool despite a wildly beating heart from their reunion after six years. Olivier rejoices that there is progress because Saeko came. He lives together with Sota, Sota’s sister Matsuri and father Makoto, and is even friendly with the staff Inoue Kaoruko. At the same moment, the chocolatier Rikudo Seinosuke is looking at a magazine in which Sota is featured. The model Kato Erena is to his side. Before long, the day of the opening of Sota’s shop Chocolat Vie arrives … …

Matsumoto Jun as Koyurugi Sota
The owner and chef of the chocolatier Chocolat Vie. He goes to France after a heartbreak over Takahashi Saeko, the female he adores. Wanting her approval, he trains and becomes a chocolatier. Six years later, he returns to Japan and opens Chocolat Vie. He thinks that if he raises his standing as a male, Saeko will pay attention to him. He is prepared to even be a bad guy if this will arouse the interest of Saeko who is at times warm and at other time cold. He has a habit of fantasising of adventures with her.

Ishihara Satomi as Takahashi Saeko
A senior during Koyurugi Sota’s high school days and the female he continues to have unrequited feelings for. When she was a student, she would date the most handsome guys of each school year. She is like an illusory butterfly beyond one’s grasp. A most fashion-conscious girl who loves chocolates. Sota compares her to a “fairy”, but because she is quite hard-nosed in love, she is actually an “imp”. Sota goes to France and becomes a chocolatier in an attempt to make her pay attention to him. But when he comes back to Japan, he is told that she is marrying an older man who works at a publishing company. It is not know if this is instinctive or calculated on her part, but her behaviour towards fashion and makeup as well as her ability to ensnare men is not diminished even when she becomes someone’s wife. She leads Sota around by the nose with her every action.

Mizukawa Asami as Inoue Kaoruko
A veteran staff and manager at Chocolat Vie. She has worked at the shop since the time of Koyurugi Sota’s father’ patisserie, and even when Sota opens Chocolat Vie, she offers all sorts of advice. She has had a one-sided love for him since he returned to Japan as one of the best chocolatiers but she is unable to express her feelings. Takahashi Saeko comes to Chocolat Vie at every opportunity and this makes her chafe at his female relationships.

Mizuhara Kiko as Kato Erena
A fashion model who meets Koyurugi Sota at the birthday party of the chocolatier Rikudo Seinosuke. She appears free-spirited and continues to have an unrequited love for one man. She becomes close to Sota through their similar circumstances and get physically involved. Before long, their relationship becomes a mystifying one in which they can say anything about each other’s situation and support each other too.

Arimura Kasumi as Koyurugi Matsuri
Koyurugi Sota’s younger sister. A university student. She works part-time at Chocolat Vie and is the life of the shop. Even though she is naive and cheerful, she is actually dating the boyfriend of a good friend. Later on, Olivier Treluyer confesses his feelings to her and she is taken aback.

Sato Ryuta as Rikudo Seinosuke
The owner and chef of the chocolatier Ricdor. He has garnered attention and is called the “Chocolate Nobel” by the world. Koyurugi Sota initially regards him as his rival, but gets fascinated by the unique way in which he looks at the world and makes him his goal as a chocolatier. In fact, he is a gay and has a one-sided love for Sota even though he knows that it will not come true. He introduces Sota to his good friend Kato Erena at his own birthday party.

Takenaka Naoto as Koyurugi Makoto
Koyurugi Sota and Matsuri’s father. The owner and patissier of the the patisserie, Tokio. But he gives his blessings to remodel Tokio into Chocolat Vie after Sota returns to Japan from France. He is a stern and genial father who watches over his children.

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