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Saturdays, 11.10 – 11.55 p.m. from 11 January 2014

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Fourth-year Jokei University student and president of the tennis club Shino Yuta, goes on a graduation trip with five close members who belong to the same club. In order to arrive at the ski slope in the early morning for snowboarding, they have to set off late at night. Yuta volunteers to be the driver. Sakurada Miki, Sasaki Rinka, Fueki Mana, and the only junior Tachibana Satsuki get into the car. Even Takano Natsu, who is always late, joins them, and then head straight for the ski slope. Everyone thoroughly enjoys snowboarding. After that, the six of them smile for a group photo with the ski slope in the backdrop. They are completely oblivious to the news on TV about a murder that occurred nearby. The bracelet that Miki is wearing becomes a topic of conversation among the female members who have got out of the hot spring. She shyly reveals that it is from Natsu. Rinka and Satsuki, who had not known that the two of them are dating, are surprised. Rinka is a little shocked that Miki did not tell her about it. Then Rinka receives a phone call … … They arrive at the holiday home which Miki’s parents own. Just as all of them are struck by its spaciousness, they unexpectedly hear the door opening at the entrance. Miki’s older brother Wataru appears before them. Although Miki looks unhappy with him, Satsuki falls in love at first sight with his looks. That night, when they are preparing dinner in the kitchen, the lights suddenly go out … … Even though the six appear to be good friends, a variety of feelings simmer beneath the surface. They have conflicting positions and when love starts to go down the tubes, a murder occurs like a bolt from the blue. Amid the fear and doubt, the complex emotions such as romance and jealousy that have been hidden so far begin to come into the open through exchanges which probe each other’s intentions.

Seto Koji as Shino Yuta
A fourth-year student of Jokei University’s faculty of law. It has been unofficially decided that he will join a trading company’s managerial career track in spring. The president of the tennis club Sphinx. He is cool and smart, and trusted by the people around him. Half a year before the graduation trip, Sasaki Rinka confessed her feelings for him. But he rejected her and said that there is a girl he likes. His love for Sakurada Miki is a secret and he intends to tell her about his feelings on the trip, but things do not work out the way he wants.

Ishibashi Anna as Sakurada Miki
A fourth-year student of Jokei University’s faculty of literature. It has been unofficially decided that she will join a trading company in a clerical position in spring. The vice president of the tennis club. She is the person behind the planning for the graduation trip. Because her father is the president of a company, she offers their holiday home for this trip. She is sociable and naive. She has been dating Takano Natsu for three months. Her secret is that she is so into him to the extent that she is blind to her surroundings.

Triendl Reina as Sasaki Rinka
A fourth-year student of Jokei University’s faculty of law. It has been unofficially decided that she will join a major cosmetics company in a sales position in spring. A female university student of today who loves glamour and style. No one knows that half a year ago, she told Shino Yuta about her feelings and was rejected. She forges a friendship with Sakurada Miki, but when she realises that Miki is the one that Yuta is attracted to, she is unable to restrain her feelings. Contrary to her appearance, she is a hardworking person. This is also a result of her family background. It is a secret that she is working part-time at a hostess bar.

Yoshizawa Ryo as Takano Natsu
A fourth-year student of Jokei University’s faculty of law. He could not get enough credits to graduate and has to repeat a year. He is an all-round sportsman and the life of the party. His motto is freedom. He is dating the unattainable Sakurada Miki and cherishes her, but before then, he was a playboy who made moves on different females. This is of course a secret. An incident during the graduation trip causes him to waver, and the action he takes spurs each person’s conflicting feelings.

Kojima Fujiko as Fueki Mana
A fourth-year student of Jokei University’s faculty of literature. It has been unofficially decided that she will join the same company as Sakurada Miki. Miki’s childhood friend. The two of them are like sister and have always been hanging about together since young. She is the composed type who is able to read situations and people’s thoughts. Her feelings for Miki’s older brother Wataru who is also a childhood friend, is her secret.

Miyoshi Ayaka as Tachibana Satsuki
A second-year student of Jokei University’s faculty of economics. The only junior who has joined the graduation trip. She loves gossip and idle talk. Because she is well attuned to secrets, she is a troublemaker. Although Yuta and the rest are partial to her friendliness, she is disliked and ostracised. The reason for this is a secret. She falls in love at first sight with Sakurada Wataru during the trip.

Kiriyama Ren as Sakurada Wataru
Sakurada Miki’s older brother. A self-professed part-time artist. He happens to be staying in the holiday home’s backroom and ends up hanging about with everyone. He is slightly shunned by his sister. Although he is cheerful and affable, there are times when there is a glimpse of the emotions that he usually does not show. His real nature is a secret.

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3 Responses to Lost Days

  1. fatoomchan says:

    thank you for detail , im so exited to see this drama ..

  2. Coconut Water says:

    It appears Wataru is our killer. I hope not, he’s so freaking handsome.

  3. It better not be Wataru. It’s too obvious.

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