Nezumi, Edo o Hashiru Season 1


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Thursdays, 8.00 – 8.45 p.m. from 9 January 2014


In the Bunka-Bunsei era (1804 – 1829) of the late Edo period, crony politics has been growing rampant while discontent fills the samurai and townspeople in the city of Edo during the reign of the eleventh shogun Tokugawa Ienari. Jirokichi, a sweet sake dealer, lives in a tenement house in the part of town for the common people. He says that he sells sake at night from a stall, but no one has seen has ever seen him. He is always sleeping or spending all his time at the soba shop. However, there is another side to Jirokichi. He is the masterful thief Nezumi Kozo who sneaks into the estates of unscrupulous samurai. Resentful of their corrupt society, he steals boxes of 1,000 ryo coins and gives the money away freely to the poor common people. The people he punishes are a young feudal lord whose past-time is to lie in wait to strike unarmed passersby with his sword, and the tea ceremony master Shuan who controls the young lord from behind the scenes. Jirokichi lives together with his cute younger sister Kosode who is astonishingly talented. One night, on the way back from the martial arts training hall, Kosode saves Suga, the daughter of a sundries wholesaler, from a samurai lying in wait to strike unarmed passersby. Kosode escorts Suga home and meets her father Yahei, but she suspects that there is some secret in the bowls that Suga had been carrying. Jirokichi sets out to investigate, but he is late and Yahei ends up slain at the Edo residence of the feudal lord of Shinden domain which he goes in and out of. A plot relating to the young lord of the domain lies there.

Takizawa Hideaki as Jirokichi (Nezumi Kozo)
By day, he is the sweet sake dealer called Jirokichi, a sophisticated pleasure seeker who lives in a tenement house with his younger sister Kosode. By night, he runs like the wind on the rooftops of the city of Edo as the phantom thief Nezumi Kozo who steals money and goods from samurai residences which he then hands out to the poor. Although he appears cool, he cannot help doing something when he sees someone in trouble because of his chivalrous spirit. There is some kind of secret between him and Kosode.

Kutsuna Shiori as Kosode
Jirokichi’s younger sister. Unlike most females, she puts her heart and soul into martial arts. She goes to the martial arts training hall daily to hone her skills. She gives her brother trouble because of her tomboy ways and bold personality. Although she has an inkling that Jirokichi’s true identity is that of Nezumi Kozo, she would rush to him when he is in a tight spot, and stand up against the villains with her short sword which she is a master of.

Kyomoto Taiga as Yonehara Hironoshin
The third son of a samurai family. He goes to the same training hall as Kosode. His skills are no match for Kosode’s, but he has a good heart and is her good friend. He has a romantic interest in Kosode, but she mainly uses him as an intelligence source to get gossip among samurais.

Katase Nana as Chigusa
The beautiful daughter of the doctor Ryoan. She has returned from studying in Nagasaki and runs a clinic near the tenement house treating victims caught up in incidents. She has a great deal of trust in Jirokichi. They have faint feelings of attachment to each other. She is vaguely aware that Jirokichi is Nezumi Kozo.

Takashima Masahiro as Tokugoro
A private detective who controls law and order in the city of Edo. Capturing Nezumi Kozo gives him something to live for, but deep down he does not despise Nezumi Kozo for being on the side of the common people. He believes that Nezumi Kozo will never kill people and feels a sort of fellowship with him.

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