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One day, Taguchi Kohei, an outpatient doctor at Tojo University Hospital’s Department of Psychosomatic Medicine who listens to complaints of general malaise, is dispatched to the district general hospital Hekisuiin under an order from hospital director Takashina Kenta. Hekisuiin is engaged in end-of-life care which gives relief to pain and bolsters quality of life for patients who have no hope of recovery through active life-sustaining treatments. The Sakuranomiya family runs Hekisuiin and hospital director Sakuranomiya Iwao concurrently serves as the police’s medical officer. He accepts all postmortem examinations on dead bodies in the vicinity when the cause of death is unknown. Sakuranomiya along with his two daughters Sayuri and Sumire have gained patients’ immense trust, and Hekisuiin has become an indispensable hospital to the townspeople. When Taguchi arrives at Hekisuiin, he is met by Sakuranomiya’s eldest daughter Sayuri, a palliative care doctor at the hospital, and her younger sister Sumire, a gynaecologist. In addition, Shiratori Keisuke is also here in a white doctor’s coat. He has assumed the guise of a dermatologist to hide his identity as a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare bureaucrat. Tagushi is surprised. Shiratori has infiltrated the hospital with some ulterior motive. He is accosted by the radiologist Tachibana Zenji who has not visited Hekisuiin in a long while. Tachibana, who is going to meet the Sakuranomiya clan now, tells Shiratori, “What is going on at this hospital is a serious crime,” and the two of them agree to meet later. However, Tachibana does not show up at the appointed time. Finding this strange, Shiratori checks up on Tachibana and discovers an unexpected fact. The harsh realities of the sloppy district hospital system to determine cause of death and palliative care gradually become apparent, as well as the mysterious disappearance of Tachibana who was about to expose a secret of the Sakuranomiya clan … …

Ito Atsushi as Taguchi Kohei
An outpatient doctor at Tojo University Hospital’s Department of Psychosomatic Medicine in charge of complaints of general malaise. However, he is dispatched to Hekisuiin on the instructions of the hospital director. Because he hates seeing blood, he dropped out as a surgeon. But he is good at drawing out the worries and true feelings of his patients by listening to their stories. He has solved various issues with Shiratori Keisuke in the past including the Batista scandal. This time, he and Shiratori are on to Hekisuiin’s secret.

Nakamura Toru as Shiratori Keisuke
A technical official attached to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Secretariat. He bears the titles of head of the Ministry’s task force to advance the establishment of independent, neutral organisations in connection with deaths from medical malpractice, and task force to deploy and enforce end-of-life care. He is a certified doctor, anatomist, pathologist, forensic doctor and other qualifications. He also takes the approach of intruding on people’s turf to expose their psyche. This time, he infiltrates Hekisuiin disguised as a dermatologist.

Yanagiba Toshiro as Sakuranomiya Iwao
The director of Hekisuiin. He is also the police’s medical officer for the surrounding area now and undertakes autopsies of dead bodies. He has absolute confidence and pride backed by experience as well as strenuous effort. He is a harsh “old-fashioned, stubborn fatherly figure” to himself as well as to others. He has firm beliefs and this is connected to the immense trust and sense of security of patients.

Mizuno Miki as Sakuranomiya Sayuri
Sakuranomiya Iwao’s eldest daughter. A palliative care doctor at Hekisuiin. While she appears to be gentle, she can be cold if she has to. She neither gets angry nor refutes Shiratori Keisuke’s verbal attacks, but smiles and gives vague answers.

Kuriyama Chiaki as Sakuranomiya Sumire
Sakuranomiya Iwao’s second daughter. A gynaecologist at Hekisuiin. She implemented a system called Sumire Enterprise where patients are made employees and allowed to help with work on the hospital’s grounds. The pay can then be used to offset medical expenses. She has a sharp tongue but a soft heart.

Aitsuki Akiko as Sakuranomiya Hanao
Sakuranomiya Iwao’s wife. Although she is also a psychiatrist at Hekisuiin, she is hardly seen practicing.

Takuma Takayuki as Tachibana Zenji
A radiologist at Nagano Chuo General Hospital. He used to work at Hekisuiin. He asked Sakuranomiya Iwao to administer an autopsy on an alleged case of medical malpractice at the Nagano hospital. Harbouring doubts about the outcome, he visits Hekisuiin but goes missing after that.

Katono Taiko as Tenma Daikichi
A Tojo Medical University student. However, he has misgivings about the medical treatment for his terminally ill grandmother at the time he was keeping vigil by her bedside when she died. He has taken a leave of absence from school, and is now working part-time at Hekisuiin doing odd jobs.

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