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Dai Tokyo Toy Box

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Saturdays, 11.55 p.m. – 12.20 a.m. from 4 January 2014

TV Tokyo

Tsukiyama Hoshino, who was seconded from management consulting firm Info Select and assumed the position of company president of game developer Studio G3 in place of Tenkawa Taiyo, looks back on the ups and downs since she came to Studio G3: her encounter with Taiyo, the unconventional, genius game creator and troublemaker who neither keeps to deadlines nor budgets; the few months getting through to the Studio G3 staff; the bargain with Sensui Izuru of Solidus Works on the overseas edition of Samurai Kitchen; and game showdowns. She continues to be manipulated by Taiyo. However, her days are happy. Not everything is going well but Studio G3 has temporarily escaped a financial crisis and these should have been peaceful times. Then, a new troublemaker appears. She is Momoda Momo who loves games and wants to be involved in game creation. Although Momo has been looking for a job, she does not even get pass applicant screening and fails at every attempt. One day, she receives a call from Studio G3 and somehow gets an interview. Momo brags that while she lacks the skills, she has the spunk, vivacity and spirit of gaming. After much wrangling, she is employed part-time by Studio G3 as a trainee game planner. On the other hand, Izuru launches a grand project called Soup; the staff of Studio G3 repeatedly comes into conflict with Handa Hanako, the proud, charismatic company president of Densan Hana-gumi while getting dragged into the demanding task of joint investment and joint operations. What awaits is a very high barrier which cannot be overcome just by love alone.

Adachi Rika as Momoda Momo
She keeps failing every employment exam and just as she is about to give up on her dream of game creation, she is hired as a part-time trainee game planner at Studio G3. Although she keeps getting yelled at on a daily basis for not having skills in game development, she compensates for this with her vigour and enthusiasm.

Shiho as Handa Hanako
The young, competitive and charismatic company president who started up Densan Hana-gumi, a game company to develop “moe” genre games and has had a string of hits. She is regarded as a rival by Momoda Momo.

Kaname Jun as Tenkawa Taiyo
The former company president of Studio G3. Because he is a passionate game creator who seeks “soul” in his work, he will not compromise on anything in game creation, and will immediately try to delay the delivery deadline. He was originally at Solidus Works where he was the director of its signature game, Sword Chronicles.

Uno Misako as Tsukiyama Hoshino
A hard working career woman who had a promising future at the management consulting firm Info Select, but was made to transfer to Studio G3 due to a plot by her superior. She scarcely played video games and was a complete novice in game creation, but before she realised it, she had become capivated by the world of games while coming in contact with Tenkawa Taiyo and the others. She takes over the reins of company president from Taiyo.

Fukushi Seiji as Sensui Izuru
A young, capable game creator at the industry giant, Solidus Works. He is Tenkawa Taiyo’s childhood friend and they were even a tag team after he joined the same company. However, an incident that occurred while developing the installment of a big hit game series, which the two of them created. This caused them to part company.

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