TV Tokyo Drama Special 2013 ~ Love Riron

Date: From 11.12 p.m., 27 December 2013 Cast: Nakamura Shido, Hamano Kenta, Akiyama Ryuji, Shioya Shun, Hashimoto Nanami, Sugi Arisa, Rio
Synopsis: Mizuno Aiya (Nakamura Shido) is a mysterious master in love who has come hired as the manager of a convenience store. If the love doctrine he imparts is put into practice, a female’s heart will be won in no time. A man’s looks, wealth or ability does not matter. In fact, he can be a completely worthless fellow and there will still be a way for him to succeed. Mizuno starts to give instruction on the popularity techniques which he has independently studied to the three unpopular male part-timers at the convenice store. There is the short and nerdy Imada Satoshi (Hamano Kenta), the miserly but flippant Nishida Akira (Akiyama Ryuji) and the handsome narcissist Ota Yusuke (Shioya Shun). 1) “Isn’t it tough?” theory: “It must be rough on you” are the magical words to get through a conversation even for someone who is not a good talker; 2) “fixate disperse” theory: don’t focus on one person, target five at the same time so you can talk to your favourite without feeling tense; and 3) “superficial kindness” theory: Your capacity for romance will soar dramatically just by remembering. If Mizuno’s doctrine is carried out, Imada, Nishida and Ota who have not known romance at all will immediately be able to go out with the females they adore! And now they bravely start to grapple with romance … …
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