Taiyo no Wana

Taiyo no Wana

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Saturdays, 9.00 – 10.00 p.m. from 30 November 2013


Meio Denki, a Nagoya-based major electric appliance manufacturer, receives a warning letter from the US company, Zester Research. Zester Research is seeking a hefty compensation and license fee for infringing patented solar panel technology. Meio Denki had been staking its fortunes on this technology. In the ensuing uproar within the company, Hasegawa Shinji, a young employee who works for the Intellectual Property Department, is for some reason suspected of being an industrial spy. This happens just as he is starting married life with his beautiful older wife Aoi. Zester Research is called a patent troll. An American patent mafia as well as the mysterious Sawada Ken pulled the plug from behind the scenes. On the other hand, Hama Koichi busies himself with the in-house litigation management office. Repeatedly rebuked and insulted by his boss Maruoka Yuzo, the head of the Development Department, he eventually strikes Maruoka on the head and buries him in the mountain. When discovered, Maruoka is unconscious. However, it is Hasegawa who is once again suspected in the attempted murder … … This case becomes the fuse which ignites love and pride, and starts a bruising game.

Nishijima Takahiro as Hasegawa Shinji
A staff of Meio Denki’s Intellectual Property Department. He is suspected of being an industrial spy who stole the company’s solar panel technology. What makes it even worse is that he is pursued by the police as a suspect in an attempted murder that occurred in the company, his beloved wife also disappears and he is driven into a corner.

Ito Ayumi as Hasegawa Aoi
Hasegawa Shinji’s wife. She has just started married life with her younger husband. But while he is caught at the centre of industrial espionage and attempted murder cases, she suddenly disappears … …

Tsukamoto Takashi as Sawada Ken
A company consultant. Together with the American patent mafia Alex Sezaki, he targets Meio Denki and sues the company for patent infringement. He even stalks Hasegawa Shinji and tries to make contact with him. However, his true motive is a mystery.

Omi Toshinori as Hama Koichi
The deputy head of the Development Department of Meio Denki’s solar business, and the leader of the in-house litigation management office to protect the company from the patent mafia. He risks his life for the survival of the company and works to defend it. But the behaviour of his boss Maruoka Yuzo causes him to lose his temper and an incident occurs … …

Ishida Hikari as Yuki Rika
An American lawyer who helps Hama Koichi. She boldly fights against the patent mafia.

Misaki Ayame as Hano Mitsuki
A temporary employee at Meio Denki. She is a mysterious female who secretly snoops around the company’s information. She even gets close to Hasegawa Shinji but … …

Yoshida Eisaku as Miura Tomoaki
A detective of the Aichi Prefectural Police. He tenaciously pursues the case of attempted murder within Meio Denki and marks Hasegawa Shinji as a material witness.

Ibu Masato as Maruoka Yuzo
The head of the Development Department of Meio Denki’s solar business. An unpopular person because he is a tyrannical boss. He runs down his deputy Hama Koichi by using his position of power and gets hit on the head with a blunt weapon.

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