Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 ~ Hasegawa Machiko Monogatari ~ Sazae-san ga Umareta Hi

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 29 November 2013
Cast: Ono Machiko, Hasegawa Kyoko, Kimura Fumino, Issey Ogata, Tokui Yoshimi, Hida Yasuhito, Kato Midori (guest star), Ichikawa Ebizo, Matsuzaka Keiko, Miura Tomokazu
Synopsis: In 1927 (Showa 2), 7-year-old Hasegawa Machiko was a lively girl who lived in Fukuoka. She would frolic with nature all day and loved to draw on every bit of paper once she returned home. Her father Yukichi (Issey Ogata), a coal mining engineer, was a smartly dressed man who cherished his family above all else. Machiko loved him very much. But in 1934 (Showa 9) when she was 14, he suddenly passed away and her mother Sadako (Matsuzaka Keiko) was left to raise her and her two sisters, Mariko (Hasegawa Kyoko) and Yoko (Kimura Fumino). The family decided to move to Tokyo after his death. Recognising the exceptional artistic sensibilities of Machiko and her elder sister Mariko, Sadako arrived at decisions and took action with astonishing speed. She quickly made Machiko a disciple of Japan’s leading manga artist Tagawa Suiho (Miura Tomokazu) while Mariko was made the disciple of a Western-style painter. This would lead to Machiko’s debut as a manga artist. Life as Tagawa’s private pupil was smooth sailing. He watched over her like a father and older brother. However, as the war intensified the family evacuated to Fukuoka. After the end of the war, Machiko (Ono Machiko) received requests from a local newspaper to serialise a four-panel manga. At a loss for ideas, she gazed out at Momochi Beach near her house and this encounter would yield Sazae-san. This was the moment Sazae-san was born. It would be the start of hardship for Machiko.
Official Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/hasegawamachiko

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