Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 ~ Dolce II

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 15 November 2012
Cast: Matsushita Yuki, Hoshino Mari, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Baba Toru, Sugata Shun, KEIJI, Moriyama Eiji, Sasano Takashi, Aran Kei, Bengal, Nishioka Tokuma, Tanabe Seiichi, Yamamoto Sayaka
Synopsis: One morning, Uozumi Hisae (Matsushita Yuki) of Nerima Kita Precinct’s Serious Crimes Unit, Haraguchi Masaya (Totsugi Shigeyuki), Minegishi Manabu (Baba Toru) and Miyata Yohei (Bengal) are going about their daily interactions when word of a case of assault comes in. Yoshizawa Toru (Moriyama Eiji) who was stabbed in the abdomen by his wife is brought to a hospital. Haraguchi and Satoya Toshihiko (Sugata Shun) head to the hospital where Yoshizawa has been hospitalised while Hisae and Minegishi go to his house. His wife Akiho (Hoshino Mari) is seated on the sofa in a daze. Her six-month old daughter Miho is sleeping by her side. Hisae takes the infant to a nursery and returns to the interrogation room at the precinct. She tries to get Akiho to talk but Akiho will not speak. At the unit, the topic of gossip surrounding the photograph of Yoshizawa and the actress Agawa Yuko (Inoue Mikoto) which was published in a weekly magazine (Inoue Mikoto) one month ago comes up. Yoshizawa, who is a client creative director at an advertising agency, declares that he has many colourful acquaintances due to his job, but they were in a relationship 10 years ago and are only business associates now. He says that his wife Akiho has already accepted the situation. Hisae waits with Minegishi in front of Yuko’s residence for her return. Yuko shows up in a foreign luxury car. When asked about Yoshizawa, she even denies her relationship with him. Her gaze calls attention to actor Hongo Toshiya (Ito Yuki) who is sitting in the driver’s seat and she casually plays up their relationship. At that moment, the body of a man who died an unnatural death is found at a disused factory. Kanemoto Kenichi (Tanabe Seiichi), his subordinate Inoue Takashi (KEIJI) and others from the First Investigative Division rush over to the scene. The back of the man’s head had hit the steel frame of a wall hard and he was found dead. Because his clothes are untidy, the view is that he was killed in a struggle. Around that time, a namecard is found in the drawer of the telephone stand when Hisae is searching Yoshizawa’s house. It has the words “Local Shinshu Sake Kadokura Brewery Inamori Taichi” on it. Hisae tries calling the phone number on the namecard and the person who answers is Kanemoto. This is the mobile number of the man who was killed at the disused factory. Kadokura Brewery, which Inamori (Okuchi Kengo) was working for, has been brewing the local sake Kingyo no Namida since 15 years ago. However, the brand name of a new liquor that a major brewer started selling recently is also Kingyo no Namida and it was Yoshizawa who had thought of that. Although this is a coincidence, Kadokura Brewery can no longer use the brand name because it did not register the trademark and it is learnt that Inamori had repeatedly blamed Yoshizawa. Hisae goes together with Kanemoto and Haraguchi to Matsumoto City where Kadokura Brewery is located. They talk to Kadokura Hiroshi (Sasano Takashi) who maintained Kingyo no Namida for 15 years, his daughter Keiko (Aran Kei) and her husband Shinohara (Yoshimitsu Ryota) who has taken over as the company president. Shinohara says it was their fault for not registering the trademark and they have already been covering it with the label of another name. Inamori who was the leader of the movement to protect Kingyo no Namida was a troublemaker that hung out with bad company during junior high school. But at 17, he joined Kadokura Brewery. This time, he told Kadokura that he was going to Tokyo because he was able to protect the name but ended up losing his life there. At Inamori’s estimated time of death, Shinohara was working alone in the office, Kadokura was in the bedroom, Keiko and her daughter Saki say that they were also in the house. However, no one besides the family can prove their alibis … …
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