TBS Drama Special 2013 ~ Inochi ~ Tengoku no Mama e


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 11 November 2013
Cast: Hagiwara Masato, Kimura Tae, Fujimoto Kanata, Tani Kannon, Yada Akiko, Kamijo Tsunehiko, Tsugawa Masahiko
Synopsis: Mizunuma Haruki (Hagiwara Masato) runs an architect firm in Tokyo. He would spend all his time on work and leave his young son Ren (Fujimoto Kanata) to his wife Kyoko (Yada Akiko). However, Kyoko, who was hospitalised after complaining about health problems, passed away last year despite medical treatment. Haruki suddenly has to live alone with his son and cannot hide his bewilderment while Ren loses the will to live. One day after the first anniversary of Kyoko’s death, Haruki and Ren visit her hometown of Kashimo in Gifu Prefecture. Kyoko’s family has been in the timber industry as a guardian of the mountain for 500 years. Her father Naiki Shigeya (Tsugawa Masahiko), the twentieth-generation descendent, lives alone as he protects the family business. Shigeya, who had expected Kyoko to take over the business, opposed her marriage to Haruki and was even absent from the ceremony. It has been some 10 years since Haruki last visited to make a marriage proposal. Shigeya is also sad that Kyoko preceded him in death. In fact, Haruki secretly wishes for something on this visit. He would like to know the meaning of “tree of happiness” written in the notebook which belonged to Kyoko. However, Shigeya is chilly towards Haruki, and treats Ren as if he is a stranger too. They have no choice but to retrace their steps and find accommodation. On the way, Haruki and Ren meet Hatsumi (Kimura Tae), the daughter of Shigeya’s childhood friend Wakuta Genji, and his granddaughter Natsumi (Tani Kannon). The two pairs hit it off and Haruki and Ren end up staying with the Wakutas. Hatsumi’s husband left home and the couple are on the verge of divorce. Genji mentions that Shigeya became obstinate after the marriage of Kyoko and Haruki, and appears to be lonely because he does not socialise with the neighbours. Unfortunately, neither Genji nor Hatsumi seem to know anything about the “tree of happiness”. The next day, Haruki goes into the forest with Hatsumi to help in logging. As Harukiworks surrounded by the trees, he recovers emotionally and starts to open up to Hatsumi. On the other hand, Ren goes out with Natsumi and Genji to fish in the mountain stream. Nature also does wonders for him. However, Genji suddenly collapses and loses consciousness. No phone calls can get through deep in the mountains. Ren runs down the mountain path in order to call for help but … …
Official Website: www.tbs.co.jp/inochi2013

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