WOWOW Drama Special 2013 ~ Chicken Race


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 10 November 2013
Cast: Okada Masaki, Terao Akira, Matsuzaka Tori, Arimura Kasumi, Kaga Takeshi, Matsuzaka Keiko
Scriptwriter: Okada Yoshikazu (Nakuna, Hara-chan, One no Kanatani, Saigo kara Nibanme no Koi)
Synopsis: Kamiya Takeshi (Okada Masaki) comes from a family of doctors and he also aspired to be one. However, he kept failing medical school. Feeling frustrated, Takeshi leaves his father Tsukasa (Kaga Takeshi), who is a respected brain surgeon at a big Tokyo hospital, and starts to work as a male nurse even as he remains depressed. He is put in charge of a patient called Tobita Mamoru (Terao Akira). Tobita has no kin and has been asleep for 45 years ever since he met with an accident during a chicken race at 19. Takeshi attends to Tobita while pouring out his worries and complaints. One day, Tobita miraculously regains consciousness. His 64-year-old body gradually begins to recover, but he is still a delinquent 19-year-old at heart. Then Tobita learns the secret of his hospitalisation fees which have been paid by bank transfer for 45 years and agrees to be a subject of research at Tsukasa’s hospital. On the other hand, Takeshi, who has started to feel a peculiar friendship with Tobita, is unable to accept Tobita’s sudden transfer to another hospital. He drags Tobita out of the hospital to embark on a journey to reclaim his lost youth. This is the start of the travels of a 64-year-old bad boy and the 27-year-old who calls him “old man”.
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Click here for photos from the press conference.

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