Nocon Kid ~ Bokura no Gameshi


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Saturdays, 12.52 – 1.23 a.m. from 5 October 2013

TV Tokyo

45-year-old Watanabe Reiji visits his family which used to run a game centre and this brings back memories of his good friend Kido Akinobu and the beautiful, young Takano Fumi. 30 years earlier in 1983, game centres were flourishing. Game Centre Watanabe which Reiji’s father Masashi ran was doing a roaring business and Reiji looked after the store. The children in the neighbourhood and even salarymen would turnout during working hours. Reiji’s classmate Kido was a regular customer. He would come everyday and spend most of his pocket money competing in games. His gamer name ‘Kid’ occupied first position in each of the games posted on the wall. On the other hand, Reiji was not very interested in games, but he fell in love with Takano the first time he laid eyes on her playing games at the game centre. This made him belatedly reach out for the games and ride the trend. After that, he unthinkingly lied to her that he was ‘Kid’ when she asked about ‘Kid’ … … Before long, Reiji hit it off with Takano through games and his bond with good friend Kido also deepened. The three of them would subsequently pulled through major life events such as exams, love and employment together, but there were always video games in their lives.

Tanaka Kei as Watanabe Reiji
The son of Watanabe Masashi, the owner of Game Centre Watanabe. An 80s boy who always chases after trends and gets caught up with the times. He meets classmates Kido Akinobu and Takano Fumi and becomes aware of the allure of games through his interactions with them.

Haru as Takano Fumi
A beautiful girl who suddenly shows up at Game Centre Watanabe and becomes a regular customer. She has a mysterious air about her and definitely has skills in gaming.

Hamano Kenta as Kido Akinobu
A good friend of Watanabe Reiji and Takano Fumi. A gamer who is a regular customer of Game Centre Watanabe way before the word “otaku” came about.

Sato Jiro as Watanabe Masashi
Watanabe Reiji’s father and the owner of Game Centre Watanabe. Because of his speculative nature, he would modify his shop to match trends, and before anyone knows, the former small-time candy store has become Game Centre Watanabe. A lovable game centre boss who watches over his son and friends.

Click here for photos from the press conference.

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