Kazoku no Urajijou


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From 7.57 – 8.54 p.m., Fridays, 25 October 2013

Fuji TV

Isawa Yasuhiko and his wife Yukari run Isawaya, a restaurant that serves set meals in the old downtown district of Tokyo. They are a happy couple despite their contrasting characters and have three children. Eldest son Haruhiko works at a local factory, second son Masahiko attends a famous private university, and youngest child Chiyomi has capitalised on soccer, which she is good at, to go to a prestigious junior high school. The Isawas along with Yasuhiko’s father Naohiko appear to be the average, ordinary Japanese family. But the family has some secrets and lies. One day, these burst to the surface with the sudden appearance of Takagi Rui, the girlfriend whom Haruhiko declares he is marrying even though they have been dating for three weeks, and then Yukari’s mother Mimatsu Hanae, whose amusement with the recent events in the Isawa family has led her to make contact with her daughter for the first time since she divorced her husband 28 years ago. The three-generation family is in danger of breaking up and family ties are put to the test … … On Christmas eve, three months later, Yasuhiko, his father and three children are searching around desperately for Yukari who has suddenly gone missing. At that moment, a patrol car passes nearby and the family has an bad feeling about this … …

Sawamura Ikki as Isawa Yasuhiko
The owner of Isawaya and husband of Isawa Yukari. Because of his love affair with cuisine and an artisan’s pride in his work, he thinks of new recipes around the clock and concentrates very much on the ingredients as well as the cooking process. Contrary to his appearance as a man of gentle manners, he can also stingingly tell his family off.

Zaizen Naomi as Isawa (Mimatsu) Yukari
The proprietress of Isawaya and the eldest daughter of the owner of a long-established Tokyo pickled vegetable dealer, Mimatsu. She has a good disposition and a natural inclination to care for others. She is cheerful, positive, as well as honest and stubborn about her own feelings. This blunt, warm personality endears her to the people around her.

Tanimura Mitsuki as Takagi Rui
She joined XX Chemicals and mainly carries out experimental studies on chemical substances which are used for adhesives. Despite her competence, she has no interest and the nicknames she has been given at her workplace are “Noh mask” and “cyborg”. She has an unreadable expression and uses the polite form of speech with everyone. Her only hobby is games, but she will not admit it and instead claims that she is “taking a breather so that she can do a good job”.

Matsushita Kohei as Isawa Haruhiko
The Isawas’ first son. Nicknamed Haru, he has been more interested in physical activities rather than studies since he was a child. In particular, he had a passion for soccer, but he likes to do many different things and not do them in depth. His life’s motto is, “I’ll be able to mange somehow or other”. A child of today who does things at his own pace.

Suzuki Katsuhiro as Isawa Masahiko
The Isawas’ second son. Nicknamed Masa, he is the exact opposite of his older brother Haruhiko. He has a mild personality but is a prodigy who has always scored 100 marks since he was a child. He continues to work hard in order to live up to the expectations of his parents. He graduated from elementary and high school with good grades, and goes on to the department of literature at a famous private university.

Mizutani Kaho as Isawa Chiyomi
The Isawas’ eldest daughter. She is the carefree youngest child. Her parents do not have great expectations of her or restrict her. She belongs to the local soccer club and her soccer skills have caught the eyes of the coach and others. Although she attends a private junior high school prominent for soccer, she actually has a worry that no one has noticed.

Onodera Akira as Isawa Naohiko
The first generation owner of Isawaya. Isawaya has become loved by the locals owing to the hard work of him and his wife. He has been leading a carefree life in retirement after his son Yasuhiko took over Isawaya but helps out at the shop on some pretext or other.

Maya Kyoko as Mimatsu Hanae
The mother of Isawa Yukari and Mimatsu Taichi. A good wife and good mother,
she had been working as the proprietress of Mimatsu, the pickled vegetable
store in the old downtown district for a long time. However, she has a big
secret and that is the reason why she divorced her husband and abandoned her children. She has not been in touch but appears to be checking the frequent tweets written by her old friend Isawa Naohiko.

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