Henshin Interviewer no Yuutsu


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Tuesdays, 12.28 – 1.07 a.m. from 22 October 2013


Shirakawa Jiro is a genius author. At the age of 15, his novel for a magazine won the top prize. He has written 99 mystery novels as a trick genius since then. Shirakawa is tackling what would be his milestone 100th novel, but he has not been able to write anything and this has gone on for more than three months. Aonuma Kiryu is a genius interviewer who is able to get people to loosen their tongues. Taking pleasure in being an imposter, the unattractive Shirakawa has transformed into the handsome Aonuma. He does so in order to listen to what people say. While he has no interest in the truth, he seeks a real case which he had found through the internet as material for his 100th novel. It is the unsolved and sensational Tulip Murders which occurred during the summer of 1999. The grotesque abandoned corpses of two housewives were found with their skirts tied up around their necks by a homeless man. This was followed by yet another murder one year later. Together with the beautiful editor Kahiyama Rika, Shirakawa heads to the small town of Keshinohara where the cases occurred. As Aonuma, he interviews the people involved one by one and gets close to the hidden truth with his formidable powers of deduction. There is a miracle spring, a power healer; an affair, embezzlement, and cover up. What is happening in this hermetic town?

Nakamaru Yuichi as Shirakawa Jiro/Aonuma Kiryu
A genius mystery writer who transforms into a genius interviewer. He is in fact unattractive with long hair, filthy sensation and a slight hunchback. Because he mumbles, what he says is difficult to hear. However, with a hair wig, heels, two layers of makeup as well as a belt for spinal correction he transforms into the handsome, eloquent Aonuma Kiryu.

Kimura Fumino as Kahiyama Rika
The beautiful bespectacled editor in charge of Shirakawa Jiro at Hephaestus Publishing. She falls a little in love with his Aonuma Kiryu persona, and goes to gather information on the Tulip Murders with him.

Nakamura Yuko as Makabe Manami
She went into the forbidden grounds of the Sankisu spring with the two victims of the Tulip Murders, Ebisu Suzuko and Ahashima Midori, but for some reason made her descent from the mountain first and escaped death. However, on the same day a year later, she was murdered by someone. Her dead body was not in the state of a tulip.

Machida Mariko as Kawashima Yoshika
An employee at an eatery in downtown Keshinohara. She knows a lot about the past of the town and appears to be hiding something regarding the Tulip Murders.

Matsushige Yutaka as Kuromagari Arisato
The power healer who appears in the media and made the Sankisu spring into a famous power spot. He is a man of influence who has brought benefits to Keshinohara. The person who holds the key to the Tulip Murders.

Mitsuishi Ken as Ando Seiichiro
A detective of the prefectural police who participated in covering up the case. He is also the leader of the fire brigade, and once had a deep relationship with Makabe Manami but … …

Mashima Hidekazu as Amakasu Shinichi
The caretaker of the Sankisu spring which has become a famous power spot. He is an enigmatic person with a close connection to the Tulip Murders and the Sankisu spring.

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