TBS Drama Special 2013 ~ SPEC ~ Zero


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Wednesday, 9.00 – 10.54 p.m., 23 October 2013


High school student Toma Saya, who lost her parents and younger brother in an air crash in Australia, was visited by a detective called Kondo Akio of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. “There’s a high chance that your family was killed by someone who possesses SPEC.” This was the moment she first heard those words. Six years later in 2009, Toma has not forgotten these words and chooses the path of a detective without hesitation. Returning to Japan after training at the FBI, she is assigned to the Public Security Division’s Unidentified Crimes Unit a.k.a Mishou and welcomed by the head of Mishou, Nonomura Kotaro. On the other hand, according to Chii Satoshi’s plan, Ninomae Juichi hates Toma for being the enemy of his parents and attempts to drive her into a corner with every possible means. Manipulated by Chii, Toma and Ninomae’s memories of once being close siblings are completely erased and they move towards a battle that will put their lives on the line. And then a young girl Ueno Maho gets dragged into this maelstrom. In order to protect her, Toma ends up using SPEC, but … …

* Toda Erika as Toma Saya
* Kase Ryo as Sebumi Takeru
* Fukuda Saki as Shimura Mirei
* Kamiki Ryunosuke as Ninomae Juuichi
* Shirota Yu as Chii Satoshi
* Tokui Yu as Kondo Akio
* Mukai Osamu as Shiroi Otoko
* Oshima Yuko as Shiroi Onna
* Ryu Raita as Nonomura Kotaro
* Kawashima Umika as Ueno Maho
* Eguchi Noriko as Fujii-sensei
* Minamino Yoko as Ueno Saki
* Takashima Masanobu as Iriyama-taichou
* Osugi Ren as Diablo

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1 Response to TBS Drama Special 2013 ~ SPEC ~ Zero

  1. Akira says:

    Hi, not a real big deal, but thought I’d point out that the 零 kanji in the title is read “zero” in this case, and not “rei.” Japanese use that sort of titling technique fairly frequently, as they also did with the 結 films.

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