Kaiki Daisakusen Mystery File


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Saturdays, 10.00 – 10.45 p.m., 5 October 2013

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The Science Research Institute, known as SRI, is an organisation set up with public and private sector money, and investigates scientific crimes that the police cannot analyse. Its five members Maki Shiro, Misawa Kyosuke, Nomura Hiroshi, Ogawa Saori and Matoya Chikage examine bizarre crimes such as a human body which suddenly combusts without warning, a mysterious virus that makes a blood vessel mutate into a plant root. They explain the scientific tricks and truths behind the cases through the powers of science, track down criminals and expose the dark hearts of these criminals. One day, a person attacked by a mysterious flying object is mummified in the blink of an eye. The SRI starts to investigate how the person’s entire body fluids were drained. Misawa, who is a survivor, states that they were attacked by a blood red ball. With luminol reaction as their clue, the SRI trace where the object flew off. However, another case happens. Over the course of the investigation, Maki discovers a filament of a fungus called cordyceps sinensis(berkeley)saccardo from the victim and the scene of the incident. In order to probe its connection to the case, he goes with Shimada Risa of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to ask a professor who is an expert on this fungus. It is determined that the fungus was used to evil ends … …

Kamikawa Takaya as Maki Shiro
He majored in applied chemistry in university and graduated at the top of his class. After he came out from graduate school, he was jobless for a while. He obtained many patents for the numerous inventions he developed during the time he was unemployed. After that, he hopped from the research facilities of a food manufacturer to a pharmaceutical company. He was headhunted by Matoya Chikage and joined the SRI. Before that, he did not know how to live or what he wanted to do. He thinks the SRI maybe his ideal workplace. A calm, steady person of logic who is too detached.

Harada Taizo as Misawa Kyosuke
He majored in sports science and medicine in university. After graduating, he was employed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and was assigned to the First Investigative Division. He made the acquaintance of Matoya Chikage the Forensics Division when he was a newcomer. After that, he protected important people as a security police of the Enforcement Division. However, he joined the SRI with Chikage’s promotion to director of institute. He has made it his motto to always stay calm, but by the assessements of his colleagues, he is reckless person who always acts on instinct.

Tabata Tomoko as Shimada Risa
An assistant inspector of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. After graduating from the police academy, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department appointed her to be a special investigator. When an investigation request is dispatched from the police organisation to the SRI, her duty is to place the work order, support the investigation and give a report. Because she is the liaison between the SRI and police organisation, she is often torn between conflicting demands. Matoya Chikage, who combines a strong will to push forward objectives with flexibility, is her goal. She is aware that many among the police feel uncomfortable about the existence of the SRI. She believes that she has an important mission to dispel this discomfort.

Murai Ryota as Nomura Hiroshi
A newcomer who just got a job with the SRI. He majored in pyschology and mental science in university. At this moment, he mainly engages in a support function, following the instructions of his seniors to conduct on-site investigations and research. He aspires to be the SRI’s ace in the future and works hard everyday so that he can quickly be independent.

Takahashi Mai as Ogawa Saori
She majored in computer and information science in university. After graduation, she was admitted to the SRI. At the SRI, she is responsible for using her IT skills such as computer analysis, programming and tracking information over the internet. She is an outstanding talent who is essential to the investigation of ever-increasing cybercrime. In contrast to her appearance, she is also a person of acton.

Harada Mieko as Matoya Chikage
The first female boss in the history of the SRI. She was in charge of many difficult cases during her time at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Forensics Division. She received numerous awards other than the police commissioner’s award. Feeling the need for more flexible and adaptive investigations to counter sophisticated and complex scientific crimes, she moved to the SRI after that. She believes that it has become difficult for the police organisation to tackle such crime alone, and that close cooperation between the SRI and the police is growing important.

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