Honey Trap


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Saturdays, 11.10 – 11.55 p.m., 19 October 2013

Fuji TV

Miyama Yuichi works at the Advanced Materials Business Department of Sowa & Co, a top trading company. He is preparing for his wedding to his beautiful wife Endo Natsumi who works in the Accounting Department of the same company, and works enthusiastically everyday. Yuichi has been promoting the development of a textile project called the “miracle material” which employs the latest technology. The entire company is behind it and Professor Onodera Masataka, the material’s researcher, has been invited to be their consultant. Yuichi is told by his superior Orita Tadashi that as the person in charge of the project, he will be put in charge of the new company. Onodera is Yuichi’s father who has been missing since the funeral for Yuichi’s mother who passed away 20 years ago. He suppresses his mixed feelings and doggedly treats Onodera as a business associate. As the person in charge of new business which all rival firms are also planning to bid for, Yuichi is the man of the moment in business circles. Everything seems to be going his way. One day, Yuichi comes to work and is informed that rival company Mile Pacific has started experiments on the same fibre project with the same methods as Sowa & Co. Yuichi who had been headhunted by Mile Pacific is suspected of divulging information within the company and ordered to stay at home. He heads to Onodera’s research lab at the university amidst the chaos, and finds his father as well as the computer containing important data on the project are missing. This sight shocks him. In addition, his home is also broken into. Then he is attacked by someone and brought to a car.

AKIRA as Miyama Yuichi
An employee at the Advanced Materials Business Department of Sowa & Co. It is a department which only handles carbon fibre. He puts work above all else and devotes himself to his job in order to commercialise the new material graphene. Although he is does not have a way with words, he is has a good reputation because of his affable personality. However, there are many people who are also envious of his talent and work performance. He loves his wife Endo Natsumi, who always supports him, from the heart. He has a long-standing feud with his father Onodera Masataka over his mother’s death.

Nakama Yukie as Endo Natsumi
An employee at the Accounting Department of Sowa & Co. Because her parents died in an accident when she was a child and she grew up in an orphanage, she yearns for a family and envies the relationship between her husband Miyama Yuichi and his father Onodera Masataka. A good wife who supports Yuichi who gets back late everyday. She looks forward to going rock climbing with him on a day off work. Natsumi is good at cooking and puts her husband first. The virtuous, ideal wife, she goes through a lot of hardship to support him as he is dropped in a far corner and attacked by an unseen enemy.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Hozumi Munehiro
The general affairs division manager at the foreign trading company Mile Pacific. He gets close to Miyama Yuichi of rival company Sowa & Co in order to obtain the commercialised graphene technology. He believes that everything in the world can be moved by money. He is motivated by gains, and will do whatever it takes for that.

Takashima Masanobu as Kobayashi Kyosuke
The director of Taiyo International Patent Office and also a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry official. His work is to investigate foreign industrial spies active behind the scenes in Japanese society and watch that the information is not brought out of the country. He gets close to Miyama Yuichi in order to search for the source of the information leak on the graphene, and becomes aware of the existence of a huge organisation at the back of this.

Uchiyama Rina as Nakagawa Kaoru
An employee of Taiyo International Patent Office. She used to be an Olympic track-and-field hopeful. Kobayashi Kyosuke’s subordinate, she searches for the for the source of the information leak on the graphene with him. She swiftly assesses her immediate environment with physical strength and well-balanced reasoning, and performs her duties carefully. She has an unusually masculine personality.

Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as Arai Kazuhito
An employee of Taiyo International Patent Office. He is good at using computers to gather information. His friendly appearance and attitude makes the other party let down his guard, and ensures that he gets the information he needs. He is Kobayashi Kyosuke’s indispensable right-hand man.

Hasegawa Hatsunori as Onodera Masataka
Miyama Yuichi’s father. A university professor. He has been absorbed in research focusing on the usefulness of carbon fibre and has not come back home in 30 years. Because he did not nurse his sick wife, his relationoship with Yuichi has continued to be strained. However, he becomes the consultant to the graphene research team at the request of Sowa & Co, and see Yuichi for the first time in more than 20 years.

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3 Responses to Honey Trap

  1. Rootabega says:

    Rootabega here:
    Talk about a misleading name and poster for this dorama…too bad;)

  2. jadefrost says:

    Haha totally. I can imagine so many story possibilities but not the one in the outline. I won’t be going near this one given the writer’s creds and Akira. Check out Takashima Masanobu’s hair!

    • Rootabega says:

      jadefrost – I watched a the first ep – it was sooo bad. I did get some amusement out of watching the ludicrously bad hairdos on parade. They seemed to get weirder as the episode progressed – even the guy on the morge slab had a ridiculous pomade.

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