Keiji Yoshinaga Seiichi ~ Namida no Jikenbo


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Fridays, 7.58 – 8.54 p.m., 11 October 2013

TV Tokyo

Yoshinaga Seiichi is a detective of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division whose successive deductions from trivial clues led to the resolution of cases on the basis of his conviction that “there is no case that cannot be solved”. He also tries to unravel the hearts of the people involved as he solves the cases. Then a young detective called Kagami Kiichi is assigned from Yokohama’s Honmoku Precinct and Yoshinaga is paired up with him. Kiichi’s father Takashi was an ace detective whom even Yoshinaga admired, but he got involved in a case and was killed in the line of duty five years ago. At first, Kiichi is all about theory and out of touch as a detective. But as he and Yoshinaga get into action and pursue the truth about his father’s death, his passion is awakened. One day, the dead body of a woman is found in an underground car park. The victim is the fortune-teller Sunaga Yayoi. She was stabbed in the back with a sharp knife and bled to death. The man who took away Yayoi’s handbag has been captured on security cameras, and the investigation proceeds along the lines of a grudge, crime of passion or even robbery. When Yoshinaga and Kiichi go to the building where Yayoi worked, they learn that a man called Mikami Tatsuya had come to visit one week earlier and had an argument with Yayoi. Mikami explains that his friend was deceived by Yayoi, but Kiichi suspects that Mikami is hiding something from them. On the other hand, Kuroki, the president of a real estate company who has been cohabiting with Yayoi, states that they have in fact been living apart since three months ago and he was at the house of his new paramour at the time of Yayoi’s death. Meanwhile, it is established that Kuroki and Yayoi were charged with fraud. The plaintiff is Jinbo Yutaka and his wife Chika. Their daughter Hana has been hospitalised for heart disease. Yoshinaga and Kiichi head to the hospital to visit the couple in order to question them.

Funakoshi Eiichiro as Yoshinaga Seiichi
A detective of Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division. Rank: Assistant Inspector. He is action-oriented and will never give up an investigation. Because he is a sympathetic person both personally and professionally, he also gets too emotionally involved with the people related to his cases. At home, he has a daughter with his much younger wife Teruko and loves them.

Koizumi Kotaro as Kagami Kiichi
A detective of Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division. Rank: Police Officer. He has been in charge of robbery cases, but it is his first time being in charge of murder cases. He analyses criminal behaviour from the perspective of the psychology he learnt in universty, but is criticised by Yoshinaga for having no practice and put through the wringer. He has very warped feelings for his father, whom he calls “that person”, as well as the duties of a detective.

Furuya Ikko as Kagami Takashi
Kagami Kiichi’s father. A Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective who was killed in the line of duty five years ago. A legendary man who solved major cases year after year and rose to the rank of Inspector even though he did not take the promotion exam. The team leader at the time Yoshinaga was starting out, he was like a teacher to him. The truth about the case that claimed his life remains a mystery.

Nakayama Shinobu as Yoshinaga Teruko
Yoshinaga Seiichi’s wife. A dutiful wife and devoted mother although she is more strict than Yoshinaga regarding their daughter’s education. At times, she aggravates him by buying up lots of clothes and shoes.

Nakahara Takeo as Tatsumi Kozo
The director of Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division. Rank: Superintendent. Because he believes that a detective must not show tears, he publicly declares his dislike for the sympathetic Yoshinaga Seiichi. He once trained up Yoshinaga who had been a newcomer, but now he often has conflicts with him and is hostile.

Mano Azusa as Katayama Kiriko
A detective of Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division. Rank: Inspector. The leader of the team which Yoshinaga Seiichi and Kagami Kiichi belong to. She and Yoshinaga used to be in love with each other. She realised that when he transferred. But now she trusts him completely as a good colleague and an asset.

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