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Tuesdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m., 15 October 2013

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Tezuka Haru is a university student in the midst of job hunting. She has no particular dream and has a hard time in her job search because of her naive, frank and honest personality. Just as Haru is at her wit’s end, she sees ANA’s recruitment information for its cadet pilot programme. Without giving it any thought, she goes for the company’s briefing session. This is where she meets Oda Chisato who has long dreamt of being a pilot. A Tokyo University postgraduate student, the talented Chisato is Haru’s polar opposite, but as the two of them progress to the recruitment tests, they become friends. While Haru sits for the tests, she receives rejection letters from every company she had applied to. At her first interview, she truthfully responds that she will do anything, causing the captain Shinozaki Kazutoyo as well as ther interviewer Kunikida Konosuke to burst out laughing. She is even scolded by Chisato. However, her simplicity and honesty catches the attention of Shinozaki and Kunikida. Haru successfully clears the screening but blunders at the critical moment. As if to add insult to injury, her naivete towards a job where several hundred people’s lives are in her hands is pointed out by Chisato. Haru barely makes the cut for the pilot cadet programme, she unexpectedly falls under the spell of the joy of flying in the air during the tests and earnestly sets her sights on becoming a female pilot. However, what awaits her is a training programme tougher than she had imagined. Haru does the best she can in training and keeps getting scolded by the strict instructors everyday. As she faces the heavy pressure of not having a second chance at becoming a pilot if she fails, she surmounts challenges with her straightforward personality and easy smile.

Horikita Maki as Tezuka Haru
An ANA cadet pilot. The simple and naive daughter of a pub owner in Kamata, Tokyo. She is in her fourth year in university. Her frank and honest personality gets her into trouble even in her job search and she is rejected by every company. With nothing to lose, she takes the tests for the cadet pilot programme and passes. In the process, she becomes aware of the allure of being a pilot and aspires to be one. She gains friends because of her candid personality and carefree smile, and gradually changes the people around her. On the other hand, as she interacts with her friends and the staff, her desire to become a pilot grows stronger.

Aibu Saki as Oda Chisato
An ANA cadet pilot. She has a flair for sports and has been practicing archery since junior high school. She enrolled in Tokyo University and even went on to graduate school. She also studied abroad in the United Kingdom but she was conscious of her desire to be a pilot and she took ANA’s recruitment tests. She competes to be number one or two in her batch and becomes Tezuka Haru’s rival. Although she is caring, she is awkward and bad at conveying it to the other party. Because she is a natural leader, she considers Haru to be weak, but they are made buddies later on.

Saito Takumi as Kunikida Konosuke
The youngest captain in ANA’s history. A young pilot acknowledged by fellow pilots. His qualities as an trainer won the confidence of his former teacher Shinozaki Kazutoyo and he is designated the instructor in charge of Tezuka Haru and Oda Chisato. Although he laments the reduction in flights due to his instructor duties, he guides his trainees with tough love and also matures by cultivating them. He has many friends among staff other than the pilots because of his competence and outgoing personality.

Sakuraba Nanami as Abeno Suzu
A new ANA ground staff. A junior college graduate. She has been dating Kishii Taiji since their student days. She is stubbornly opposed to Kishii becoming a pilot because if he does, she will have less time with him. However, she learns that he is firm in his decision and gets a job in the same company to his surprise.

Iwaki Koichi as Shinozaki Kazutoyo
An ANA captain and the person in charge of managing the ANA pilots. He was the instructor in charge of Kunikida Konosuke during his cadet pilot days. Although he acts aloof, he is a person who knows a good thing when he sees it and perceives Tezuka Haru’s qualities. Unlike the instructors, he is not always with the cadet pilots, but he will assess them for himself during important practices and tests. With an eye toward nurturing the next Kunikida Konosuke, he asks Kunikida to be an instructor.

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