Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 ~ Nejireta Kizuna ~ Akachan Torichigaeta Jiken 42-nen no Shinjitsu

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 11 October 2013
Cast: Itaya Yuka, Nishida Naomi, Mitsuishi Ken, Gori, Kumada Sea, Ihara Ryoka, Miki Honoka, Kusakari Mayu, Asaka Mayumi, Takito Kenichi
Synopsis: In 1977, Inafuku Sumiko’s (Itaya Yuka) daughter Miyuki (Kumada Sea) is a 6-year-old kindergarten student. The family is not well-off by any means, but Miyuki receives a solid education as she grows up quickly. One day, Sumiko receives the results of Miyuki’s kindergarten health checkup and feels disturbed by its contents. Miyuki’s blood type appears as type A. The blood type of her father Shigemi (Gori), a crane operator, is type B and Sumiko’s is type O. Sumiko knows that a couple with types B and O blood will not have a child with type A blood. Thinking that it is a mistake, Sumiko and her husband inform the kindergarten. But in the end, it is decided that the whole family will take a blood test at a local health centre. On the day of the test, Miyuki’s blood is type A after all. It is determined that she is not the Inafukus’ child. The shell-shocked parents question the hospital where Sumiko delivered their child and eventually discover that their biological daughter lives in a neighbouring town. She is the eldest daughter of Shimabukuro Kiyonori (Mitsuishi Ken) and Kimiko (Nishida Naomi) who run a sheet-metal business. The reason for this tragedy is that the nurses had mixed up the babies. Both sets of couples have loved and done their best to bring up daughters that are not their own flesh and blood for six years. Next, they have to choose whether or not to exchange daughters . The news of the switched babies quickly spreads beyond the small Okinawan town and reaches the mass media in Tokyo. Okuno Shuji (Takito Kenichi), a non-fiction writer who had been a reporter for the Tokyo publisher, starts to gather materials on the case and would continue to follow the parents and children for the next 35 years. What conclusion have the two sets of couples made?
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