Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso


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Tuesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m., 8 October 2013

Fuji TV

First year high school student Sawazaki Shunta has been told by his class teacher Tadano Michiko that he will certainly repeat a school year. He goes home and his mother Midori, who loves fortune-telling, takes him to visit Onmyoya, a new, dodgy fortune-teller at a shopping street with an old town feel in Ouji, Tokyo. Shunta is put on his guard by a questionable signboard which reads “Fortune-telling at half price to celebrate opening day”. However, Midori is completely mesmerised by the good looks and slick conversational skills of its owner Abe no Shomei. She talks about their recent series of misfortune including the pronouncement that her son will repeat a school year. Shomei tells her that everything is due to evil spirits. He conducts exorcism and demands a fee of 10,000 yen. Infuriated by the bogus Shomei, Shunta punches him but breaks an expensive fortune-telling tray in the process. As a result, he is forced to do part-time chores at the shop as compensation. That night, at Kitsunebi, the pub which Michiko’s grandfather Naito Genjiro runs, the members of the shopping street have gathered and are talking about the “rip-off guy” Shomei. It also becomes clear from a statement by Ayukawa Tamaki, a maiden of a nearby shrine, that Shomei used to be the number one host. Michiko’s disgust intensifies and the members of the shopping street decide to start a movement to evict Onmyoya. Meanwhile, a 9-year-old girl called Satomi Yumika comes to Onmyoya. She asks Shomei to cure her father who has been possessed by a fox spirit. Since the possession, her gentle father has been physically violent to her mother every night. Although Shomei is reluctant, he grudgingly goes to the Satomi residence at the urging of Genjiro who has suddenly appeared at the shop. A woman screams inside the house, and when Shomei, Shunta and Michiko enter, an unexpected scene stretches out before them … …

Nishikido Ryo as Abe no Shomei
The owner of Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya which has opened at Inari Shopping Street in Ouji, Tokyo. A fake fortune teller who has no psychic powers. Despite his good looks, he has a barbed tongue, finds most things bothersome and is aloof. He will not do work that is not lucrative. But he smoothly solves whatever difficult problems or troubles customers have with logic, keen insight, ingenuity and eloquence from his former days as a host. He possesses an enigmatic charm which makes every customer go away feeling extremely grateful to him. His policy is “Fortune-telling is entertainment.” The circumstances that has brought him here is a mystery.

Kurashina Kana as Tadano Michiko
A temporary teacher at Asukayama High School. Sawazaki Shunta’s form teacher. She is beautiful and smart, but in university she was absorbed in science research and spent her youth removed from romance. In addition, she is a little idiosyncratic although she personally does not care one bit. She does not believe in anything that is unscientific and insists that everything be clear and precise. She strives to be a good teacher every time, but for some reason she just goes around in circles. She lives with her grandfather Naito Genjiro on the second floor of Kitsunebi, and often quarrels with Abe no Shomei who has opened Onmyoya downstairs.

Chinen Yuri as Sawazaki Shunta
A first year student at Asukayama High School. His home is Sawazaki Models at Inari Shopping Street but the shop is currently closed for business. He has a close-knit family. He starts working part-time at Onmyoya through an unexpected turn of events. Although he is initially reluctant, he proactively intervenes in cases because of his sense of justice. Compared to high school students of today, he is simple, pure and righteous. He has outstanding sense of hearing and smell.

Kashiwagi Yuki as Ayukawa Tamaki
A girl who works part-time as a shrine maiden for Ouji Inari Shrine. She knows Abe no Shomei from his days as a host. In the past, she used to be crazy about host clubs and became a rabid fan of Shomei. Then she learns that Shomei has opened a shop in the community. Even though he is now serving a god, she is his devoted fan. She views Tadano Michiko as a love rival and even makes bizarre moves.

Suruga Taro as Makihara Hideyuki
Abe no Shomei’s childhood friend. He lives in Kunitachi. Their parents are next-door neighbours and family friends. He is concerned about Shomei even now.

Sugi Ryotaro as Naito Genjiro
The owner of the pub Kitsunebi. Because he is the chairman of the Inari Shopping Street Association, he is popular with the locals and also enjoys the trust of the members of the shopping street. He lives on the second floor of the shop with his grand daughter Tadano Michiko. When Onmyoya opened downstairs, he and the members of the shopping street were initially wary and looked at Abe no Shomei with suspicion. However, he quickly acknowledges him after watching him at work. Shomei also becomes his regular customer, and consults him at times.

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