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Saturdays, 11.55 p.m. – 12.25 a.m., 5 October 2013

TV Tokyo

Tenkawa Taiyo, the company president of game developer Studio G3, used to be a genius creator at Solidus Works, the biggest company in the game industry. He now ekes out a living through mini games for mobile phones and pachinko slot machine movies at a multi-tenant building in the game mecca of Akihabara. Studio G3 is perpetually in the red. On this day, the staff Tanizaki Nanami, Yoda Atsushi, Kaneda Masashi and Abe Mari are completely exhausted from staying up all night for consecutive days. This does not bother Taiyo who enthuses about an exciting idea he has come up with for a game that is to be delivered tomorrow and forces a change in a part of the specifications. However, an elite office lady Tsukiyama Hoshino arrives at Studio G3. She has been seconded from management consulting firm Info Select in order to turn Studio G3 around. What greets her is a team of individualistic game creators led by the daring Taiyo who thinks about nothing but creating interesting and dynamic games. Deadlines and budgets have been neglected. She declares that charges for delays are absurd. This sets the stage for a clash of minds since Taiyo who will not put out something he is not satisfied with. Although they quarrel with each other, Hoshino gradually warms to Taiyo despite herself and becomes completely absorbed in the world of game production. Meanwhile, at Solidus Works, Sensui Izuru reaches out for Studio G3 and Taiyo but … …

Kaname Jun as Tenkawa Taiyo
The company president of Studio G3, decided through a game of rock-paper-scissors. He set it up with graphic artist Tanizaki Nanami. A passionate game creator who seeks “soul” in his work, he develops games in depth until he thinks they are interesting. He will not compromise and will immediately try to extend the delivery deadline. He was originally at Solidus Works where he was the director of its signature game, Sword Chronicles. However, he got into trouble and stormed out. That is what he set up Studio G3 for and after that, he has continued to reject work associated to Solidus Works. However, he has a change of heart and moves forward little by little because of his encounter with Tsukiyama Hoshino.

Uno Misako as Tsukiyama Hoshino
A hard working career woman who had a promising future at the management consulting firm Info Select. However, she was made to transfer to Studio G3 due to a plot by her superior who could not stand her presence. She has completely no interest in games and also has a stiff personality. But she grows to understand the enthusiasm of the creators and becomes captivated by this world while being with Taiyo and the others.

Fukushi Seiji as Sensui Izuru
A young, capable game creator who has climbed to the top as director of game creation at industry giant, Solidus Works. He is Tenkawa Taiyo’s childhood friend and they were even a tag team after he joined the same company. However, an incident that occurred while developing the fourth installment of the big hit game series Sword Chronicles, which the two of them created. This caused them to part ways. Even after that, he would torment Studio G3 at every opportunity, but … …

Kitagawa Hiromi as Tanizaki Nanami
A graphic designer at Studio G3 who is like an elder sister. She resigned from Solidus Works with Tenkawa Taiyo and set up Studio G3. She is always cool and collected, only talks about the key points and not unnecessary things.

Ishibashi Renji as Mido Yugen
The company president of Solidus Works. He is a stern person who almost never smiles. He does not think Sensui Izuru, who has gradually started to bare his teeth, is amusing and schemes to suppress him with authority, but … …

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