Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 ~ Kao

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 3 October 2013
Cast: Matsuyuki Yasuko, Tanaka Rena, Sakaguchi Kenji, Takeda Shinji, Inamori Izumi
Original Work: Kao by Matsumoto Seicho
Synopsis: In Kyushu, after the war in 1947, Kogure Ryoko (Matsuyuki Yasuko) works hard at a drinking hall for American troops. Her dream is to go to Tokyo and become a big actress. The turning point in her life comes when she meets Iimura Kyozo (Sakaguchi Kenji) at the drinking hall. Ryoko is attracted to the gentlemanly Iimura and the two of them enter into a relationship. When she talks about her dream, he offers to introduce her to an acquaintance who is a famous movie director. However, this requires money. In order to seize her dream, Ryoko hands over her hard-earned savings to Iimura. She exults in the new future that has opened up to her. But it is fleeting because she learns that Iimura has no association with this movie director and had lied about him wanting money. Intent on killing Iimura who has shattered her dream, Ryoko invites him on a trip to the hot springs and stabs him to death with a knife. She disposes of all the evidence and schemes to make this the perfect crime. However, she has one worry. She had met Segawa Manami (Tanaka Rena), whom Iimura treats like a younger sister, along the way … … Ryoko goes up to Tokyo and nine years go by. Her memory of the incident has faded with time when she finally gets a opportunity. It is to co-star with the successful actress Igarashi Akiko (Inamori Izumi). This is the first time she is in the spotlight as an actress, and she at last receives an offer to be the heroine. Her dream is in sight. However, Ryoko is once again reminded of that one worry – Manami’s existance. She wonders if Manami remembers her face and whether it will be all right to appear in a movie in which her face will be well known throughout the whole country. And then, she reaches a decision … …
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