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The Labour Standards Bureau aims at a society where Japan’s 52 million workers can work with peace of mind. The role of a labour standards inspector is to drop by every company to urge them to comply with the Labor Standards Act. A labour standards inspector is assigned to Nishi Tokyo Labour Standards Inspection Office. Her name is Danda Rin. There are rumours that she was a considerable troublemaker at her last workplace. The head of the Supervision Division Doteyama Ikuo as well as the chief of Nishi Tokyo Labour Standards Inspection Office Manabe Shigeo are in great fear. The officers have worked peacefully under Manabe whose principle is to play it safe. Doteyama is told to attach a levelheaded observer to Rin and he pushes the role of watchdog to Minamisanjo Kazuya who happened to be present. Rin and Minamisanjo immediately get into action, but Minamisanjo, who is younger than Rin, is completely at a loss about how to handle her. Then he gets struck by the motorbike of a renovation company salesman called Nishikawa and takes a tumble. Rin learns that Nishikawa has been subjected to unpaid overtime by his company and is completely exhausted. She declares that she will inspect his workplace despite his protests that he will be fired once it is known that he said such things. However, Rin ends up having a tussle with the company president, and in the process infuriates Doteyama and the others. After that, her tactics as a labour standards inspector takes all fellow inspectors at the office by surprise. Discord arises with the inspectors who intend to get on reasonably well with Rin as she shakes off their control and fights against businesses that exploit employees.

Takeuchi Yuko as Danda Rin
A labour standards inspector who will not buckle under pressure, is unable to read situations and has a serious personality. She hates things that are unreasonable and would nonchalantly smash taboos and customs in order to defend the rights of workers. She had a rather hard time at her previous workplace and that experience has become a powerful source of motivation for her.

Matsuzaka Tori as Minamisanjo Kazuya
A young labour standards inspector at Nishi Tokyo Labour Standards Inspection Office. He got this job straight after graduating from Tokyo University five years ago. He arrives for work at the same time everyday and leaves for home at the same time. He wants nothing but to work at his own pace. However, he is ordered to keep watch on Danda Rin and this causes a big change in his life.

Kazama Shunsuke as Kurumizawa Umi
He was a labour standards inspector from the same batch as Minamisanjo Kazuya, but switched to become a certified social security and labour consultant because it was not worth being a civil servant. He now works for Aiba Hiromi at Aiba Labour and Social Security Attorney’s Office. He is a complete rationalist. Because he is aware of the labour standards and employed by business people, he is a nuisance to Danda Rin and the rest. He seems to know something about Rin’s past.

Mizuhashi Kenji as Nukuta Yuji
A labour standards inspector at Nishi Tokyo Labour Standards Inspection Office. He is basically a person who is diligent, but has the habit of taking sides with people who are superior. His favourite phrases are “I know” and “I think so.”

Triendl Reina as Komiya Ruriko
A young but intelligent labour standards inspector at Nishi Tokyo Labour Standards Inspection Office. She always smiles no matter who she is dealing with, and takes pride in the outstanding reputation she enjoys among her peers. Contrary to her appearance, she is calculating.

Kaku Chikako as Aiba Hiromi
The representative of Aiba Labour and Social Security Attorney’s Office. In her book, she points out, “The Labour Standards Inspection Office will look at these things about your company!” She stands by her clients and is capable of doing anything in order to run the company.

Sano Shiro as Manabe Shigeo
The chief of Nishi Tokyo Labour Standards Inspection Office. He appears genial and listens to the inspectors’ opinions with a smile. However, he only thinks of playing it safe to save his own skin. In order to avoid trouble, he thoroughly enforces his own rules in the office.

Kitamura Kazuki as Doteyama Ikuo
The head of Nishi Tokyo Labour Standards Inspection Office’s Supervision Division. No matter how hard he works, it is wasted effort. He has now surrendered himself to the bureaucratic system, but he once had burning aspirations like Danda Rin. He is divorced and is the father of a boy of elementary school-going age.

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