Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 ~ Sabishii Karyuudo

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 20 September 2013
Cast: Kitaoji Kinya, Kato Ai, Suga Kenta, Fujita Tomoko, Kubota Masataka, Nakada Yoshiko, Tanabe Seiichi
Synopsis: Iwanaga Kokichi (Kitaoji Kinya), the owner of a small second-hand bookshop called Tanabe Books, lives together with his daughter-in-law Risako (Fujita Tomoko) and adorable grandson Minoru (Suga Kenta). His son has already passed away. It is not clear whether his son’s death was an accident or a suicide, and it weighs heavily on the family. However, Iwanaga prepares delicious meals each day for the sake of his grandson and daughter-in-law as he watches over them. Then one day, a case occurs. A dead body which has been stabbed through the heart and with the hands carved up into 38 characters is discovered. The gruesome cases keep happening, all murdered in the same manner. At this moment, Adachi Akiko (Kato Ai), who has supplied Tanabe Books with her late father’s entire collection of books, comes bearing a letter. She has in her hand, her father’s last novel ‘Lonely Hunter’ which he did not finish writing. 10 years ago, her father lost his way in the mountains. The contents of the incident that happened in the novel and that of the recent cases are remarkably similar. Furthermore, the letter was delivered to Akiko. In the letter, the sender writes about his love for the unfinished novel and desire to express what was written in it in reality since he is the one who has a good understanding of the story’s ending. The sender of the letter says that he would like subsequent updates to be verified by TV and newspapers. Iwanaga asks his son’s friend, the detective Kabano Toshiaki (Tanabe Seiichi) about the cases, and tells him about the letter as well as the novel. Then the investigation enters a new phase. The secret sad fact(s) in this novel are … … 
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