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Tamaki Rei lost her parents in a plane crash in France when she was a child. She had an underprivileged youth and even after that, she led a difficult and frugal life. In her mid-30s, she visits the scene of the plane crash in France for the first time and encounters Shibusawa Kazunari whose wife died in the same accident. As the director of the Ministry of Finance’s Budget Bureau, Kazunari is an important and influential man, and an elite among the elite who inhabit a different world from her. Rei falls in love with the much older Kazunari who has two grown-up sons by his first wife, and they get married. His eldest son Hitoshi has followed in his footsteps and works in the Ministry of Finance while his second son Kenji has graduated from law school and is currently studying to retake the bar exam. Rei does her best to fit in with the family of three men, but the Shibusawas start to experience a tempest with the appearance of Rei. To Hitoshi and Kenji, their young and beautiful step mother is a dazzling presence. In particular, Hitoshi who is closer in age, is very aware of Rei as a woman and Kazunari feels a deep jealousy about this. Rei realises that what she is seeking from Kazunari is actually not love, but a father figure. Furthermore, hostility grows between Hitoshi, who is captivated by a young pro-reform politician, and Kazunari, who tries to block this politician. Hitoshi is disappointed by his father’s high-handed ways, and Rei becomes his only emotional support. The two of them are gradually drawn to each other. Rei, who has been passive in everything and living without hope, becomes aware of the true love between her and Hitoshi. However, this is a forbidden love … …

Igawa Haruka as Tamaki Rei
When she was 14, her parents died in a plane crash in France and she had a disadvantaged youth. 22 years after the accident, she visits the site of the crash and meets the older Shibusawa Kazunari who lost his wife in the same accident. She marries him, but finds herself drawn to his eldest son Hitoshi and loses her heart to a forbidden love.

Fujimoto Takahiro as Shibusawa Kazunari
Tamaki Rei’s husband. After he lost his first wife in the same accident as Rei’s parents, he brought up his sons Hitoshi and Kenji. The director of the Ministry of Finance’s Budget Bureau, he is an influential person rumoured to be the Ministry’s next vice minister and even enjoys the trust of the prime minister. However, his eldest son Hitoshi’s advocacy of reforms of the civil service system gets him irritated. Furthermore, he is deeply jealous of Hitoshi who is becoming attracted to Rei and slowly breaks down.

Saito Takumi as Shibusawa Hitoshi
Shibusawa Kazunari’s eldest son. A young Finance Ministry bureaucrat who has followed in his father’s footsteps. He idolises the young pro-reform politician Muraki Yosuke and considers working under someone like him. He aspires to change the civil service system and is naturally disappointed that his father is doing all he can to destroy Muraki. He even lashes out at his father for trying to control Tamaki Rei. He is dating Goto Nanami who was the manager of a school club during their student days, but gradually becomes attracted to the young and beautiful Rei.

Nagayama Kento as Shibusawa Kenji
Shibusawa Kazunari’s second son. A law graduate who is studying to retake the bar exam. Unlike his serious elder brother, he is the livewire of the family. He cheerfully welcomes Tamaki Rei who is not used to a household with only men. He respects his father for raising him and Hitoshi single-handedly.

Umefune Ariei as Goto Nanami
Shibusawa Hitoshi’s girlfriend. She was the manager of the boat club during their student days. She won an award for the first novel she wrote at a young age, but did not go on writing after that. She wants to get married soon and take up homemaking. Suspecting that there is a catch to Tamaki Rei’s marriage to Hitoshi’s father, she investigates Rei’s past.

Kikuchi Momoko as Onaka Hiroko
A former secretary in the Ministry of Finance’s Budget Bureau, she now runs her late husband’s fitness club ‘Oscar Sports’ in the neighbourhood. A mysterious woman who has a past connection with Shibusawa Kazunari. She gets close to Tamaki Rei who has married him.

Suzuki Hiroki as Morita Fumihiko
A newspaper reporter in charge of the Ministry of Finance. A friend of Shibusawa Hitoshi from high school and university days. He asks Hitoshi for information in order to probe the actions of his father who is trying to destroy Muraki Yosuke.

Ono Ryo as Sano Seiya
The Ministry of Finance’s Counsellor for the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. He obeys Shibusawa Kazunari’s orders and works hard to oust Muraki Yosuke.

Kataoka Ainosuke as Muraki Yosuke
The leader of the Japan Reform Party, the opposition party promoting reforms of the civil service system as a top goal. Because he started out as a management consultant and is a certified accountant, he is even familiar with the flow of tax money. He is driven into a corner by Shibusawa Kazunari who wants to stop the changes.

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