Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 ~ Mizuki Shigeru no Gegege no Kaidan

From 3.00 p.m., 31 August 2013

Sunakake Babaa
Story: When a female high school student is walking down the street, a shadow of a man creeps up from behind her. Sensing danger, the female high school student quickens her pace but the man also matches her steps … … He calls out to her, “You’ve dropped your train pass.” When she turns around, an ugly face appears. She lets out a scream and runs for dear life. The man’s name is Yamaya Takuji (Hayashi Kento/Konno Hiroki). Yamaya had dreamed of becoming a movie star. One day while he was having drinks at a bar with a junior from his company, a mysterious man (Papaya Suzuki) seated at a corner of the counter talked to him. He said that if he wanted to become handsome, he should go and see the old lady living in a shrine deep in the bamboo grove nearby. Several days later, Yamaya went in search of the shrine in the bamboo grove. He quickly found it and met the “sand-throwing old woman” (LiLiCo) he had heard about. Yamaya is told that she will make him the most handsome man on earth on condition that he keeps a promise … …
Cast: Hayashi Kento, Konno Hiroki, Papaya Suzuki, LiLiCo

Youkai Makuragaeshi
Story: Yamada (Hamada Gaku) is dating his company president’s daughter Reika (Triendl Reina). His hobby is to dream. In his dreams, he can freely indulge and no one will be defeated or hurt. Reika had started dating Yamada because she likes him for his lack of ambition and kind heart. On the other hand, three managers of a department, division and section who are scheming to advance their careers, argue about the factional fighting in the company at a meeting room. The department manager, who has been contemplating making the section manager Reika’s boyfriend so that they can control the factional strife and pave the way to move up the ranks, questions the section manager about his situation. When the section manager reports that Reika and Yamada are in a relationship, the department manager wonders which faction Yamada belongs to. However, the section manager’s reply that Yamada cannot be their adversary because he is not an ambitious person makes the department manager suspicious. He is convinced that there must be another side to Yamada, and will not permit the existence of someone who poses even a slight threat to their faction. And so, the department manager proposes summoning the pillow moving spirit which can make a person’s fate turn 180 degree. That night, the spirit appears in Yamada’s room while he is sleeping … …
Cast: Hamada Gaku, Triendl Reina, Sakai Toshiya, Yashiba Toshihiro, Konishi Ryosei

Fushicho o Kau Otoko
Story: Struggling mystery writer Ozaki Ochiba (Matayoshi Naoki) has no ideas for his next novel and spends his days in squalor. His wife Kinu (Emi Kurara) also has little income. Their financial situation is such that they cannot even pay the electricity bills and she stresses him. One day, when Ozaki comes back home after going out to buy cigarettes, there is a wad of money on the low table in the living room. He asks Kinu about it and she tells him that a natural scientist called Makino Mokutaro (Sano Shiro) had asked her to let him have a room here. So she promised to rent Makino his workroom because he will pay big bucks. Ozaki is angered by this and goes to meet Makino who is already staying in the room. When he enters the workroom, he finds a big bird cage placed by Makino’s side. The birdcage is covered but a curious Ozaki attempts to see what is inside, only to be stopped by a fierce Makino. Makino has paid a large sum of money as collateral to lodge at the Ozakis. However, there is a condition that has to be observed. They must never peek inside the birdcage he says … …
Cast: Matayoshi Naoki, Emi Kurara, Sano Shiro

Einin no Tsubo
Story: Sonoda Miyako (Kurashina Kana) walks silently along a mountain path with urgency. Several days earlier, she received a shock when she was informed by the attending doctor that the life of her 6-year-old son Fumiya (Takagi Kota), who is in the hospital, is in danger. Miyako’s husband Shiro (Yamamoto Yusuke) is working as an assistant to a professor engaged in archeology. However, his work is extremely busy. He is living apart from Miyako because he seldom comes back home. One day, Shiro says there is a way to save their son. There are a collection of notes written by a travelling priest during the late Kamakura Period which mentions a legendary spring of immortality in the mountains of Tohoku. According to legend, the water of life gushes from a vessel lying in the spring. As a last hope, Miyako listens to the legend, gets a map from her husband indicating where the vessel maybe and finds it. But strange things start to happen to her … …
Cast: Kurashina Kana, Yamamoto Yusuke, Takagi Kota

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