Anata ni Nita Dareka ~ Kioku no Umi


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Tuesdays, 11.15 – 11.44 p.m. 20 August 2013

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Freelance writer Ogura Kenya’s hobby is cycling around the country. One day, his girlfriend Kajiwara Saki receives word that Kenya met with an accident and has been brought to a hospital. When she rushes over, his parents are there and they tell her that he was hit by an oncoming car while riding his bicycle. His bones have been fractured and he also has a cerebral contusion. Recovery will be difficult and his injuries may cause complications. Saki visits Kenya at the hospital everyday but there is no hope of his recovery. His father Masashi tells her to move on with her life. However, she cannot do so and the hopeless situation continues. Then one day, Kenya wakes up from the coma, a miraculous recovery due partly to Saki’s dedicated care. However, he has lost his memory of recent events and no longer knows Saki. It is only when he gets his mobile phone from his attending physician Dr Sugihara for rehabilitation purposes that he realises by looking at the photos stored in the phone that she is his girlfriend and not friend as he had thought. Kenya has no recollection of the moments spent with Saki and confesses that he has no confidence that he can be her boyfriend. A stunned Saki leaves Kenya after hearing this, but … …

Yamamoto Koji as Ogura Kenya
A freelance writer who writes articles including those for travel magazines. His hobby is to take long rides on his bicycle. Because he is a free spirit who dislikes being tied down, he is completely unaware that his girlfriend Kajiwara Saki is fearful of being left behind.

Nakagoshi Noriko as Kajiwara Saki
She and Ogura Kenya started dating after he helped her when she was in difficulty during an overseas trip. She is a school counsellor by profession. She cannot stop worrying about how she and Kenya will get along now that he has lost his memory because of the accident.

Kaneda Akio as Ogura Masashi
Ogura Kenya’s father. Hearing of his son’s serious condition, he rushes over from Gunma. He is prepared for the worst but … …

Cunning Takeyama as Dr Sugihara
Ogura Kenya’s attending physician. He hands Ogura Kenya his mobile phone and encourages him to look at the photos and emails.

Yamamoto Gaku as Sakamaki Yosuke
A patient who has been hospitalised for a broken leg. However, he cannot help but worry about his wife who is suffering from dementia and has been put into an institution. He recognises the uneasiness between Ogura Kenya and Kajiwara Saki, and tries to help them.

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