Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 ~ Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi

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From 9.00 p.m., 17 August 2013

Joushikou Daipanic
Story: One day, Sawaki Yosuke (Sakaguchi Kenji), a teacher at a female high school, confiscates a female student’s smart phone because the use of mobile phones is banned within the school premises. Several days later, Sawaki is about to open the confiscated smart phone when he hears an incoming call, and a video plays on the screen. It is footage of the shadow of a person emerging on the rooftop of the school building. Yosuke has a bad feeling. On the other hand, the existence of an underground website for the school with videos of ghosts which has recently been popular with the students is talked about in the staff room. Who is responsible for making and circulating the videos on the underground website? After that, Sawaki witnesses a terrifying scene … …
Cast: Sakaguchi Kenji, Shinkawa Yua, Yamada Shintaro, Kino Hana

Kage no Anji
Story: Toyama Miwa (Fukada Kyoko) is looking for a new job. On her way to a travel agency for an interview, she sees what appears to be a black shadow being sucked into a nearby building. She learns that a fire broke out at that building after that and grows uneasy. Several days later, while Miwa is walking in the daytime, she discovers the black shadow entering a restaurant. When she passes by the vicinity of that restaurant at night, she comes upon a scene of a man being carried off on an ambulance. Unfortunate coincidences continue and Miwa becomes frightened of the shadow’s presence. What is this black shadow trying to hint, which only Miwa can see?
Cast: Fukada Kyoko, Hiraiwa Kami, Asaka Mayumi

X Hospital
Story: Naoki (Fujigaya Taisuke) is a houseman who has to work hard everyday. Late one night, he catches sight of a woman in the hospital’s corridor and calls out to her. However, when he walks to the staircase in pursuit of the woman, he loses sight of her. Then, he hears the sound of a stretcher passing behind him but when he looks back, there is no one. A stretcher suddenly shows up in front of him in the document room and a scalpel drops. Spooky things keep happening. One day, while Naoki is in a surgery, he hears the loud cries of a phantom baby and grows even more anxious. On the street, Naoki hears the rumours surrounding the hospital which has been called X Hospital. What exactly is the frightening phenomenon happening around around him?
Cast: Fujigaya Taisuke, Emoto Tokio, Yoshida Yo

Ugomeku Ningyou
Story: On the way to a matchmaking party which her friend has invited her to, Sonoda Rina (Sashihara Rino) feels a powerful pull towards a nutcracker doll displayed in the shop front of a general store and impulsively buys it. Rina hits it off with a guy she met at the matchmaking party and they become friends. One day, she invites him over to her house, but when he touches the doll, his finger is cut. Furthermore, the doll which is staring fixedly at the two of them becomes frightening, and he turns it to face the wall. However, before he knows it, the doll is pointing towards Rina and he gets spooked. Rina also gradually becomes afraid of the doll which she feels is looking at her and she finally decides to throw it away. But Rina’s terror has only just started … …
Cast: Sashihara Rino, Okamoto Rei, Ozawa Ryota

Osanaki Ganriki
Story: Elementary school student Hatano Ryu (Suzuki Fuku) is on the way home with his mother. He notices a creepy man loitering in front of an abandoned building overrun with weeds but wonders why his mother cannot see the man. Before very long, Ryu starts to feel the presence of “something” besides his family even in the house. He gets frightened by the sounds of “something” approaching his room from the corridor every night. One day, Ryu clearly sees a black shadow pass through the corridor and talks to his mother but she does not pay attention to him. That night, Ryu is paralysed. His body cannot move at all and he also cannot make any sound. He feels that an unknown “something” on his body, and he lies awake writhing in agony. What is the identity of the “something” which is scaring him everyday?
Cast: Suzuki Fuku, YOU, Kusamura Reiko

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1 Response to Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 ~ Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi

  1. BYTBTRN says:

    Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi, a long-running series, is currently airing in the Philippine by GMA Network under the name “True Horror Stories”, dubbed in the Filipino language. Even local TV news blogs and outlets didn’t report this fact about the first-ever foreign dub of the cult (outside of Japan) horror series to aired in a television network.

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