Anata ni Nita Dareka ~ Kahatarebana


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Tuesdays, 11.15 – 11.44 p.m. 13 August 2013

NHK BS Premium

Muto Takashi is suspected of having liver cirrhosis during a medical checkup. He becomes anxious and jittery when he learns that there may be no cure. That spring equinox, Muto visits the grave of his late mother for the first time in a long while, but finds white mountain cherry blossoms in front of it. Muto wonders who had put the flowers there. The fortune teller Kuramoto Yoji tells Muto that it is the ‘kahatarebana’ (flowers laid by an unknown someone). When Muto, who has been thinking about the ‘kahatarebana’, visits the grave during the autumn equinox, silver cockscomb flowers in front of it this time. Now it makes sense. White mountain cherry blossoms and silver cockscomb flowers were the favourite flowers of his ex-wife Miwako whom he has not communicated with since their divorce 12 years ago. He wonders why she is still visiting his mother’s grave now. This triggers various memories of his relationship with his wife. The next spring, Muto visits his mother’s grave on the day of the equinox when Miwako should have come. However, the ‘kahatarebana’ is not there. Feeling a little worried, Muto seeks out his daughter Satoko and learns the truth about the ‘kahatarebana’: Miwako’s feelings about the days gone by, and her fear about an irrational death … … Miwako had laid flowers at his mother’s grave with this whole lot of issues in her heart.

Osugi Ren as Muto Takashi
His marriage ended in divorced 12 years ago because his job is a dead end and he would drown himself in alcohol. He has not met his wife and daughter since then. He took early retirement and a business he started selling health products is going well, but he is diagnosed with suspected liver cirrhosis during a medical checkup.

Sato Yumiko as Muto Miwako
Muto Takashi’s ex-wife. Although she was devoted to her husband, he would lash out at the family when drunk. Realising that it is not good for him, she filed for divorce. She brought up their daughter Satoko single-handedly and is grateful for the birth of a grandchild but … …

Motokariya Yuika as Muramatsu Satoko
Muto Takashi’s daughter. She became an adult unable to forgive her father for abandoning her and her mother. However, she decides to meet her father after more than 12 years when she gets a call from him. Now that she is married and has had her own child, she is able to understand her mother’s love for her father a little.

Enami Kyoko as Muto Tae
Muto Takashi’s mother. But she connects with her daughter-in-law Miwako better than her son. It is as if they were actually mother and daughter.

Sasano Takashi as Kuramoto Yoji
A fortune teller at the gates of the temple, but his main daily routine is drinking alcohol at a soba restaurant. There are times when he says perceptive things.

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