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Saturdays, 11.15 – 11.45 p.m. from 10 August 2013

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Advertising company salesmen use all sorts of methods and engage in bruising contests to win client accounts for the sake of billions of yen. Shirosaki Shinya of Tohto Advertising has even been featured in magazines as the advertising industry’s fantasy star. He is said to have brilliant techniques worthy of the gods that wow clients. Shirosaki meets Kuroiwa Hiroshi of rival company Ad Gibson on the way back from paying a courtesy call to Sol, a major cosmetics maker. Kuroiwa is called the advertising industry’s monster. In contrast to Shirosaki, he fights with dirty methods. The two men wage a battle to win the contract for Sol’s new cosmetic product, a lipstick. Kuroiwa wins the heart of the managing director Miyahara Hirotaro through a wining and dining offensive, and is one step in the lead. In the midst of this, the company president Kikuchi Ichiro collapses and is hospitalised. Shirosaki, who is in an unfavourable position, succeeds in getting close to Kikuchi and turns things around. However, he soon finds himself right back where he started … …

Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Shirosaki Shinya
Tohto Advertising’s ace salesman. He wishes to surpass his father who was called the “god of advertising”. He is known as the fantasy star because he uses methods that no one can think of to outsmart rivals.

Hakamada Yoshihiko as Kuroiwa Hiroshi
It has been four years since he joined Ad Gibson Advertising. During this time, he distinguished himself and is now its ace salesman. He has an obsession with Shirosaki Shinya and always challenges him to do battle.

Shiraishi Miho as Aoi Naomi
A mysterious woman who is at times a nurse, mistress of the politician Oyama Tetsuo, and also a black-cloaked fortune teller … … It is hard to know who she truly is, but she is, for some reason, on Shirosaki Shinya’s side and helps him out of tight spots.

Maro Akaji as Oyama Tetsuo
A scary-looking heavyweight politician who wields power, but is a doting father to his daughter Reika. He recognises the talent of Kuroiwa Hiroshi who is Reika’s fiance, and supports him in everything.

Ikeda Tetsuhiro as Mikumo Kazuhiro
Tohto Advertising’s creative director. He is captivated by Shirosaki Shinya’s talent and is the person who understands him the best.

Kobayashi Kinako as Oyama Reika
Oyama Tetsuo’s beloved daughter. She is engaged to Kuroiwa Hiroshi and in love. She dislikes her father’s mistress Aoi Naomi.

Tanaka Ryuzo as Yoda Takeshi
Tohto Advertising’s sales director, but he is an unrealiable superior who just leaves the work to Shirosaki Shinya.

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