Double Tone ~ Futari no Yumi – Episode 5 Synopsis

Episode 5: Tearful kiss


Nakano Yumi hears from Ikuko that before Tamura Yumi died, she told her about being followed by a strange man who might have been a stalker. Believing that Tatsuno is that stalker who killed Tamura Yumi, Nakano Yumi is gripped by fear when he suddenly steps out of the shadows and calls out to her as she is leaving the office one night. She scrambles away as Tatsuno advances towards her and runs all the way home in terror.


At home, Yumi hurriedly draws the curtains shut. She has been wondering why she has a connection with Tamura Yumi and thinks that she has finally found the answer. It would make sense if they are linked as victims killed by the same man. Tamura Yumi fell to her death from the verandah. If she is being targeted by Tatsuno, when and how would she die? As this sinks in, Yumi’s composure starts to crumble and she breaks down in tears. In the midst of this, her phone rings. The caller is Yohei. He asks her over to his house for a meal next week and adds that Ami has been pestering him to find out when Yumi will come again. There is a long silence. Because Yumi sounds reticent over the phone, Yohei says that he will call her again. Yumi speaks up at that moment and asks if they can continue talking like this for a while longer. Yohei obligingly tells her what he had for lunch and dinner. As they casually converse, Yumi slowly regains her calm. She gratefully expresses her thanks to him, saying that she was feeling down because many things happened today but he has cheered her up. He asks for permission to call again before bidding her good night.


Tamura Yumi wakes up seeing the two of them like this in her dream. She lingers in bed and rolls over to rest her head on Yohei’s shoulder. At breakfast, Yumi asks Yohei to come home early tomorrow, which is the day she is going to die. However, he apologetically tells her that he has to entertain because Ikuko’s barbecue got cancelled. Yumi insists that she just needs him to be with her tomorrow at about 4.00 p.m. When he asks why, she makes up a story about having to be careful since many salesmen have been coming to visit recently. She quickly says that she will handle it on her own.


Yumi is lost in thought as she walks Ami to her playschool. On the way there, she suddenly suggests that Ami take a break from school today because she wants to be with her the whole day. Her daughter happily agrees. So they head back home to make cookies together. While Yumi is instructing Ami on using the cookie cutters to cut out shapes from the dough, Ikuko calls. She asks if she would like her to go over tomorrow evening. Calling Yohei a good husband, Ikuko tells a surprised Yumi that he had asked her for a favour to keep his wife company because she is afraid of the salesmen coming to the house. Touched by her husband’s gesture, Yumi smiles and starts to get teary.


By the time Yohei returns home from work that night, Ami is asleep. He laments to Yumi that this is where he has been finding their daughter lately when he comes back. Crouching down next to Yumi by Ami’s bedside, he softly notes that Ami will not be cute for long. Some day in the future, she will probably say that he is annoying or off-putting. He wonders whether she will fall in love or bring some strange guy back, not realising that these are events in their daughter’s life that Yumi will probably not live to see. Snuggling close to Ami, Yumi touches her forehead to her daughter’s.


Just as Yohei is preparing for bed, Yumi comes into the bedroom. She asks him to listen to what she has to say and not get angry. Then she somberly starts to tell him that should she die before him, he would probably feel a little guilty remarrying another woman. She says she would be satisfied with that. After that, she wants him to forget her and live happily with Ami and his new wife. Yohei, who initially seemed amused, grows more solemn by the minute. Perplexed by this sudden talk about death, he comes over to sit by her side and asks if something happened. However, Yumi replies that she just wanted to say it. Holding his gaze, she declares with great feeling, “I’m glad I married you,” and leans in to kiss him. Then she pulls away from his embrace before he discovers how close she is to tears, and escapes to the dining room where she breaks into sobs. Yohei broods alone in the bedroom.


After Yumi has calmed down, she writes a message to Nakano Yumi. She confides that she is fearful about tomorrow but has been able to mentally prepare herself for this day because of her help. Knowing when and how she will die has allowed her to cherish the time that she has left and be nice to her family. She expresses her desire to be of assistance to Nakano Yumi if their link to each other is through Tatsuno. However, since there is nothing she can do for her in this world two years in the past, she urges Nakano Yumi to lean on Yohei without feeling self conscious about her. These last few words echo in the mind of a jittery Nakano Yumi who can barely concentrate at work.


Yumi leaves the office and cycles over to Yohei’s apartment. But just as she seems to think better of it and is about to ride away, a familiar male voice calls out to her. She turns around to see Yohei with Ami and Ikuko, and quickly claims that she stopped by because she happened to be in the neighbourhood. Yohei says that they are making preparations for his wife’s third death anniversary tomorrow. When Ami informs Yumi that the menu is hamburger today and asks if they can cook together again, Yohei invites her to join them if she has the time.


A delighted Ami demonstrates to Yumi how she makes the hamburger patty and boasts that she can make cookies too. Her mother taught her these recipes. Ikuko comments to Yohei that his daughter is very attached to Yumi. Looking over at the two of them, he breaks into a wide smile. However, Ikuko does not look too happy. Although the mood is lighthearted over dinner, Yohei notices Yumi growing pensive and quiet as the meal progresses. She forces a smile and says that she has never thought of this before, but it is nice to eat with everyone. So Ikuko suggests to have a hand-rolled sushi party the next time. However, Yumi is distracted by thoughts of what fate may have in store for her.


After Yohei puts Ami to bed, Ikuko kneels before the altar. Musing how quickly two years have gone by, she says that maybe his wife would not have died if she had gone over that day. Nakano Yumi asks what sort of person Yohei’s wife was. Ikuko describes her as a person who was demure, good at housework and dignified, adding that she was the one who introduced her to Yohei after meeting at a culture school because she thought that they would suit perfectly.


Yumi asks why Yohei married his wife. He says that he gets tongue-tied around women and flustered about having to talk, but he felt at ease with his wife since the first time they met. A memory brings a smile to his face and he tells Yumi about the occasion when they went to the aquarium together. He and his wife did not talk the whole time and simply looked at fishes. In spite of that, he had a good time. Yumi senses his love for his late wife and notes with a twinge of envy that Tamura Yumi is lucky to have someone to say such things after she is dead. Ikuko protests that Yumi is talking as if she is going to die. Then she suddenly enquires why Yumi is so curious about Yohei’s wife. Yumi is saved from answering by Yohei who interrupts to remind her about the time. He is for some reason firm on his insistence of sending her home even when she says that she knows the way.


On the way back, Yohei asks Yumi for her answer to his proposal. He tells her that when they first met, he thought that she was a beautiful person. It surprised him that she had the same habit as his wife. Knowing that she adores Ami and has also lost someone important makes him believe it is destiny that they met, and he expresses his desire to spend the rest of his life with her. However, her reply is that she cannot date him. It is hard for Yohei to understand since it is obvious that Yumi came to see him today. “Is it my self-conceit? Do you dislike me?” he asks. A conflicted Yumi apologises and walks off but Yohei runs after her and pulls her into an embrace. Declaring his love for her, he kiss her on the lips. Yumi stops fighting her feelings and starts to kiss him back. But in the next moment, she catches herself, abruptly pulls away from him and stumbles back as shock registers on her face. She glances briefly in his direction then turns around and quickly hurries off … …

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