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Fridays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 12 July 2013


A reception is held for Ken, the third son of Nagashima Daigo and his wife Aya. All the members of the family congratulate him on the beginning of a new phase of life. However, Daigo is the only one who is unconvincing. Ken, whose in-laws have taken charge of not only the reception but also the honeymoon, is not pleased with his father. Daigo, who has only cared about work all this time and flown around the world, also has his own personal connections and brags that he is even able to introduce people to take care of overseas travel. However, Ken does not even tell his father about his honeymoon destination, and the sight of him being at the beck and call of his in-laws irritates Daigo. Daigo is restless even after returning home and expresses feelings he has been keeping secret to Aya. He wants to retire from the company and take a trip with her as an atonement for leaving the raising of their children all to her. However, Aya’s response is the opposite. She would like him to let her do what she likes now that she is finally free. She wants to renovate their house and give her long-cherished dream of a “home restaurant” a try. This is like a bolt out of the blue. Wanting to change her mind, Daigo even discusses this with Aya’s elder sister Kuni who inherited her family’s restaurant Nishiki but Aya is unstoppable. Preparation is underway, from the shop design to the contractors. At the employee interview, she even arranges a test beforehand. Among those who take the test are a mix of people with the skills but bad attitude and foreigners who do not understand words. Meanwhile, Daigo decides to give up on retirement and stay with the company. The young people eventually assembled as employees each have their own issues. Uchida Yoko has just been released from a girl’s juvenile corrective institution. Otake Noboru is a reclusive youth. Nakatsu Eri is divorced in an attempt to escape from her husband’s domestic violence. Daigo who has left it entirely to Aya to counsel and nurture them like their own biological children, starts to realise what “family power” is for the first time … …

Tachi Hiroshi as Nagashima Daigo
As a company executive, he is pleased that the life he envisioned has gone according to plan. Now that he is near retirement, he thinks of leading a leisurely life, but suddenly gets involved in his wife’s plan to open a restaurant. He is initially bewildered about what to do with himself, but he soon finds meaning in his new role speaking to the people he meets in the restaurant.

Asano Atsuko as Nagashima Aya
Nagashima Daigo’s wife. A mother of three grown sons who has been supporting her husband and family. She takes Daigo’s mandatory retirement as the opportunity to put her plan to open a restaurant, which she has kept secret for a long time, into action. Although this is vehemently opposed by her husband and sons, she sticks to her opinion. Meanwhile she meets three young people who have no place to go, and she ends up hiring them as live-in employees.

Shida Mirai as Uchida Yoko
A young woman who looked like she was being abducted in the entertainment district while Nagashima Daigo was on the way back from drinks with his subordinates. He saved her and she ends up being a live-in employee. Although she has a decent appearance, it seems that she had for some reason run away from home without her possessions. Like Nakatsu Eri, she will not divulge the reason why she cannot return home.

Yasuda Shota as Otake Noboru
The second son of a general practitioner. He was born in a wealthy family and went to Tokyo University. After graduation, he worked in a bank but it did not agree with him and he resigned. He did not find another job and isolated himself. However, he seeks a place where he belongs and looks to Nishiki Kuni whom he has know since childhood. He starts to be a live-in employee of the Nagashimas. He is poor at communicating with people, but is the most kindhearted youth.

Konno Mahiru as Nakatsu Eri
She starts to work at Nagashima Aya’s restaurant while keeping some past secret. She is the only one among the three live-in employees who has been a housewife. She puts up a cheerful front in public, and earns the trust of the Nagashimas with her competence. It is hard for her to deal with people’s praise and being conspicuous. Because of her awkwardness and yearning for a place where she can be herself, she even ends up taking more work than others and often pushes herself too hard.

Izumi Pinko as Nishiki Kuni
Nagashima Aya’s older sister. She took over the family’s restaurant Nishiki, and has been running is as the proprietress. She is unmarried. Aya, who got married early and became a full-time housewife, adores her. Although she worries about Aya who has opened her own restaurant, she supports her. She is the one who comes and leaves the reclusive Otake Noboru in the care of the Nagashimas.

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