Tenma-san ga Yuku


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Tuesdays, 12.28 – 1.28 a.m. from 16 July 2013


Houkai Tenma possesses the ability to communicate with ancestors and ghosts. He runs Obake Security Company by succession. Ironically, it is a company which undertakes ghost busting. Once a ghost busting request is received, Tenma would head to the scene, listen to what the ghost has to say, dispel the regrets it has left in this world, gently remonstrate and settle the matter through persuasion instead of extermination. One day, a newly-hired employee Okazaki Akira comes to Obake. She had joined the company believing that it was a game company and is taken aback when she is told about its line of business by the clerk, Daikaku Keizo. However, Tenma pays no heed and takes the two of them to a junior high school. Their client is a school teacher called Komiya Kaori. According to her, the school’s janitor was slashed by the ghost of a fallen warrior. Tenma, Akira and Daikaku immediately start the search for this warrior. Akira cannot help feeling scared but she follows Tenma who is moving ahead with confidence. However, the moment they encounter an eerie woman, he faints on the spot! In fact, Tenma is the greatest coward. He also has the ability to see his late father Tendo who is in heaven when he loses consciousness. Having listened to the ghost busting hints from Tendo, Tenma finally confronts the ghost of the fallen warrior after he comes to, but … …

Domoto Tsuyoshi as Houkai Tenma
A young man who is able to communicate with ancestors and ghosts. Although he can see any and every ghost in this world, he is actually a big coward. He reluctantly runs the ghost busting company which his father has left behind. Rather than bust ghosts, he gets them to rest in peace through persuasion.

Minagawa Sarutoki as
A old man who has worked at Obake Security Company since the previous generation. He is also the person who has developed the ghost busting items such as the Obake radar, scope and gun.

Kawaguchi Haruna as Okazaki Asahi
A newcomer who has joined Obake Security Company thinking that it is a game company. Although she is timid like anyone else, she is a straight character to Houkai Tenma’s.

Serina as Mukunoki Rika
A young lady who lives near Obake Security Company. Because she likes Houkai Tenma, she often barges into the office but he snubs her.

Sato Jiro as Houkai Tendon
Houkai Tenma’s father and the previous president of Obake Security Company. He is already deceased. He advises Tenma on ghost busting through dialogue with him in heaven, but because a lot of it is idle talk, Tenma does not really rely on it.

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