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Fridays, 12.58 – 1.28 a.m. from 19 July 2013


Ogami Runa is a nurse at Kumakawa Hospital which is on the edge of town. She has been working with the strict head nurse Kido Junko and trainee doctor Kumakawa Asahi since two weeks ago. One night after the lights are switched off, Runa’s colleague Suzuki Ayaka has a scare when she encounters a female in a blood-drenched sailor suit. Several days later, Runa’s old friend Sakai Manami, who works for a video production company, visits her. Runa has had the ability to sense the paranormal from childhood and when she was in junior high school, she saw the bloodied ghost of a classmate who died in an accident while commuting to school. Her classmates were spooked out by her and Manami was the only one willing to be her friend. Even after that, nurses and patients constantly talk about seeing ghosts. Asahi asks his father, the hospital director, about the secret room on the top floor of the old hospital ward which he has been wondering about since he was a child but … … Then one night, Runa arrives at the old hospital ward to take equipment. In response to a voice calling out “Runa”, she climbs up the stairs as if possessed. She hears the voice coming from inside a wall at the end of the hallway on the top floor. When she is at a loss in front of the wall, a door suddenly appears in front of her … … Runa gets caught up in terrifying events, and lands in hot water when she is suspected of being the cause of the misfortune that has befallen the hospital.

Kaho as Ogami Runa
A nurse who moved to Kumakawa Hospital two weeks ago. When she was an elementary school student, her mother passed away, and she was inspired to be a nurse. She is traumatised by her classmates fear of her in junior high school because she talked about seeing the ghost of another classmate who died in an accident. She always carries her mother’s handmade charm with her.

Owada Kensuke as Kumakawa Asahi
A trainee doctor at Kumakawa Hospital. His father is the hospital director Kumakawa Keita. He has a promising future as the heir to a hospital that has been passed on from generation to generation. He is caring and gentle to Ogami Runa who keeps making blunders after her move to Kumakawa Hospital.

Suzuki Kazuma as Madarame Kazuya
The director of a a small programme production company. He used to work for a big production company, but aims to create a feature on Kumakawa Hospital’s apparitions, and then return to the same company.

Takada Riho as Sakai Manami
Ogami Runa’s good friend since junior high school days. She is now Madarame Kazuya’s assistant director because she has loved television since she was a child. She receives Madarame’s instructions, and asks Runa to let them interview the hospital.

Kawakami Julia as Suzuki Ayaka
A new nurse at Kumakawa Hospital. Because of her cheerful personality and cute looks, she is like an idol to patients. While on working the late night shift, she encounters a female in a blood-drenched sailor suit along a poorly-lit corridor.

Moriwaki Eriko as Kido Junko
Kumakawa Hospital’s competent head nurse. She expresses her disapproval and warns the nurses who feel shaken because of the high frequency of first-hand account of ghosts in the hospital. She thinks the blundering Ogami Runa is not qualified to be a nurse.

Haruta Junichi as Kumakawa Keita
Kumakawa Hospital’s director. He eventually intends to have his son Asahi take over the hospital which has been around since the Meiji era. He seems to know the cause of the apparitions in the hospital.

Shimada Kyusaku as Ogami Tatsuo
Ogami Runa’s father. He admonishes a distressed Runa who says she can see dead people, that this is a mental illness, and gently watches over her.

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