Na mo Naki Doku ~ Kajita Nobuo Hikinige Jiken


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Mondays, 8.00 p.m. – 8.54 p.m. from 8 July 2013


Story (Episodes 1 – 5)
It is a sunny day in early summer. Kajita Nobuo, the personal chauffeur of chairman Imada Yoshichika of the Imada Group, is knocked down by a bicycle and killed on the spot. The cyclist flees the scene. Sugimura Saburo of Imada Group’s public relations office is asked by his father-in-law Imada to attend Kajita’s wake and funeral service. At the funeral parlour, Sugimura conveys his father-in-law’s words to Kajita’s two daughters Satomi and Riko. “If there is anything that I can do to help, I want you to count on me.” In fact, Kajita was also like a benefactor to Sugimura. Eight years ago, Sugimura who became acquainted with Imada Nahoko by chance, went as far as to propose to her after dating. Nahoko naively consented. It was after that, that he learned that her father was in fact the chairman of the Imada Group. This marriage was also opposed by his family, but when Sugimura obtained permission to marry from Nahoko’s father, it was Kajita who congratulated him. Sugimura is still grateful for those simple words. He attempts to return this kindness to Kajita’s daughters by looking into his death, but the older daughter Satomi appears passive and reluctant. Then, Riko confides that she wants to publish an autobiography on her father in order to catch the criminal. However, Satomi is against it and appeals to Sugimura when they are alone. Their father has a dark, unsavoury past which she does not want her younger sister to know. According to her, Nobuo drifted from one job to another when he was young and even tried his hand at work that was not respectable. Satomi remembers that she was kidnapped when she was a child, and the kidnapper had blurted, “It’s your father’s fault. I’ll kill him.” Satomi’s kidnapping was when her father had quit his way of life, and was working hard at a company called Tomono Toys. A short while before Nobuo died, he had told Satomi meaningfully that he had to put something right before she gets married. There is also the mystery of why Nobuo had gone to what would become the scene of the accident, by himself in the middle of Golden Week. Sugimura goes to Tomono Toys in order to search for the truth. This is how he is gradually drawn into the “poison” related to Kajita’s accident … …

Koizumi Kotaro as Sugimura Saburo
An ordinary salaryman who works at Imada Group’s public relations office. He used to work at a publishing company which produces picture books for children. However, his father-in-law, the chairman of Imada Group, permitted his marriage to Nahoko on condition that he quit the publishing company and work at the public relations office. He is good-natured and cautious but also is a man of action. He is a loving husband and father.

Fukada Kyoko as Kajita Satomi
The eldest daughter of the late Kajita Nobuo. She is about to get married to Hamada Toshikazu and has resigned from her company. Unlike her younger sister Riko, she is very cautious and is the type who tends to bottle up her emotions.

Minamisawa Nao as Kajita Riko
Kajita Nobuo’s second daughter who works in casual jobs. The direct opposite of her older sister Satomi, she has a lively nature, and speaks directly and frankly. She publishes her father’s autobiography and tries to look for the criminal behind the hit-and-run.

Takahashi Katsuomi as Hamada Toshikazu
Kajita Satomi’s fiance. He works at an IT company. He also loves Riko like a family member.

Ito Kazue as Nose Yuko
A key person who shared some “secret” with Kajita Nobuo and his wife, and will unravel the mystery of the case.

Sugawara Daikichi as Uzuki Katsutoshi
A detective who belongs to Joto Chuo Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division. He is in charge of Kajita Nobuo’s fatal accident. He is a man who dreads his inability to read emotions.

Kuninaka Ryoko as Sugimura Nahoko
Sugimura Saburo’s wife and the daughter of Imada Yoshichika and his mistress. She has two stepbrothers, but they have a good relationship. Because she was brought up like a well-off girl, she is sophisticated but has a cheerful disposition. She has a weak heart like her late mother, so it was a big deal when she gave birth to Momoko.

Kino Hana as Sugimura Masako
Sugimura Saburo’s mother. When Sugimura told her that he and Nahoko were getting married, she very opposed to it. Sugimura says “There’s venom in mother’s mouth.”

Hira Mikijiro as Imada Yoshichika
Sugimura Nahoko’s father. The man who established Imada Group which boasts enormous sales revenue in a single generation. His nickname is “bird of prey” due to the piercing look in his eyes.

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