Machi Isha Jumbo


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Thursdays, 11.58 p.m. – 12.53 p.m. from 4 July 2013


Baba Hospital, the local clinic in a small port town, is closed for business. The clinic’s director Baba Kohei suddenly died and his only daughter Asuka, a nurse of one year, has been desperately searching around for a doctor to be his successor. Then Tsuruta Masayoshi, nicknamed Jumbo, suddenly shows up at Baba Hospital with an emergency patient in tow. He used to work with Asuka’s father at the hospital but left town because of some trouble 12 years ago. Although he saves the patient with admirable skill, he is not the fine young man he used to be but has transformed into a greedy, brutish and arrogant person. Furthermore, he is here with Baba’s IOU for the 100 million yen he loaned as well as deed to the land and property. To Asuka’s shock, Jumbo declares that the clinic is now his, and settles into the position of clinic director on this pretext. Asuka, who adored him in the past, is stunned by the complete change in his behaviour now that they are reunited after 12 years as well as resents his high-handedness. Although they are at odds with each other, Asuka gradually sees with her own eyes that Jumbo is a genuine doctor who not only considers a patient’s position more than anyone else, but also diagnoses difficult-to-treat illnesses that other doctors do not notice. Howevever, what is his true motive for coming back to this town?

Maki Daisuke as Tsuruta Masayoshi
Baba Hospital’s new clinic director. Nicknamed Jumbo, he used to work at the hospital 12 years ago. However, he left the town because of some trouble and has been out of contact. Then he suddenly comes back to town, and is completely different from the past. Although he has become a hooligan, his skills as a doctor are exceptional. He is also more sincere with patients than anyone else and starts to shed light on the mysteries of their illnesses by making full use of his medical knowledge and even analysing their lifestyles.

Kutsuna Shiori as Baba Asuka
A nurse at Baba Hospital. The only daughter of the late clinic director, Baba Kohei. Because it is her first year as a nurse, she is still half-qualified and inexperienced, but she takes after her father’s gentleness and passion for medical treatment. As she develops a rapport with Jumbo, she learns about the reality of local medical care and matures as a person as well as a nurse. Jumbo who had worked under her father as a young doctor 12 years ago was the object of her admiration. She is also strong minded, and resolutely faces the unreasonable demands which Jumbo imposes.

Yoshida Yo as Nagao Chikusa
A mysterious nurse brought along by Jumbo. At first sight, she behaves like a sultry, diabolical woman but is in fact earnest and perfect in her skills, experience and knowledge as a nurse. She backs Baba Asuka who finds Jumbo’s true feelings difficult to understand.

Fueki Yoko as Satonaka Reiko
A medical journalist who writes for a medical journal. As she interviews Tenryu Ichiro, the head of the department of surgery of the large Shirane General Hospital who has rapidly risen through the ranks, she is captivated by his charm and gets trapped in a sexual relationship.

Omi Toshinori as Tenryu Ichiro
The head of the department of surgery of Shirane General Hospital. He is trusted by patients because of his high level skills and seemingly good nature, but he is actually self-serving and an egoist. The supervising doctor during Jumbo’s time as a houseman, he is on the elite track. He acknowledges Jumbo’s medical skills more than anyone else but loathes his idealistic way of life and thinking.

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