Furueru Ushi CM

Komatsu Takashi: Meat Box is involved in food product mis-labelling.
Hatta Tomiyuki: I’d want to eat meat. It’s cheap and tasty.
Illegal food product mis-labelling
Hatta Tomiyuki: Meat Box’s meat has received awards.
Tagawa Shinichi: There’s a high chance that it was a premeditated murder.
A murder case 5 years ago
Tsuruta Masumi: Do you intend to cover it up?! Tagawa-san!
Kashiwagi Nobutomo: Ox Mart cannot be destroyed because of me.
Takizawa Bunpei: The police investigation wouldn’t extend here.
A big corporation’s cover up
Hatta Tomiyuki: I won’t dirty my own hands, but I’ve influence behind the scenes.
Miyata Jiro: I can’t see the motive for the crime.
Hatta Tomiyuki: Your company and mine will sink or swim together.
Tagawa Shinichi: BSE.

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