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Kamiyama Akira is posted to Ohara Minami Junior High School and moves into the same apartment building as one of his colleagues. However, there is a problem with Akira’s new home. It is haunted by a ghost. According to school rumours, the ghost was a former teacher who worked at their school. She did not get along well with her students, had mental problems and died in school. Akira does not bat an eye at this story. That night, a female ghost appears in front of Akira. However, he remains cool and drives off the ghost. In fact, Akira is able to see and talk to ghosts. That attracts ghosts longing for human company and annoys him. However, this ghost named Akane, a ghost bound to the apartment, brazenly appears before him in an attempt to get his attention. On the other hand, Aida Takuto, a student in Akira’s form class, Class 3/2, has not been attending school. Akira hears from assistant form teacher Kawai Chiho that after Takuto has had a tendency of being absent from school after his grandfather’s death. However, Akira has no interest in getting deeply involved in students’ problems. When Akira returns home, Akane has brought her friends Yoshioka and Megumi. From their conversation, Akira learns that Akane was a teacher in her lifetime. At that moment, he is notified that Takuto is in police custody because of shoplifting. He tries to talk to Takuto’s mother but she excuses herself because of work. The next day when Akira and Chiho report to the new vice principal Kirisawa Izumi, she announces that she will personally take charge of this issue. Her words about not being able to entrust this to a teacher who cannot face students, strikes close to his heart. When Akira gets home, Akane wrecks havoc trying to go out. She is worried that Takuto will take the wrong path. Akira scoffs and informs her that a teacher will only stand to lose … …

Katori Shingo as Kamiyama Akira
A social studies teacher at Ohara Minami Junior High School and form teacher of Class 3/2. He has been teaching for 12 years but a past problem has led him to avoid becoming deeply involved in the personal problems of students and the school, and to maintain a certain distance. A quiet and cool-headed person with the ability to sense the supernatural which have lost their way. He hates ghosts. They are gloomy, melancholy, selfish, appear in photos that hold pleasant memories and stay in people’s houses even though they do not pay rent. He thinks the world must not let ghosts get carried away. They should brush them off or sprinkle salt. But one day he encounters a ghost called Akane who lives in the apartment he moves into when he takes his posting. At first, he is indifferent to her, but slowly opens his heart to Akane who is more human than the other ghosts he has interacted with so far.

Anne as Akane
A ghost who lives in Kamiyama Akira’s apartment 304. She died at the age of 25 and was a teacher in her lifetime. Besides that, she has completely forgotten how and when she died. She is usually dressed in white and hides her face with her hair but is actually a rather pretty. Because she remembers being a teacher, she has the convictions of an educator but frequently quarrels with Akira because their way of thinking is on opposite extremes. However, she gives him advice and gradually has an influence on him.

Maeda Atsuko as Kawai Chiho
A Japanese language teacher at Ohara Minami Junior High School and form teacher of Class 3/2. Ohara Minami Junior High School’s most popular teacher. She is an ideal teacher who devote herself wholeheartedly to the work she is assigned and will even give advice on student problems. But this is actually a front because she has no ideals about her profession. She feels sympathy for Kamiyama Akira who indicates that he has no intention to get deeply involved in the students.

Sato Jiro as Yoshioka-san
A middle-aged, friendly wandering ghost who loiters around the neighbourhood of Ohara Minami Junior High School. Akane’s only friend. It appears that he died in a traffic accident a long time ago. He seems to have influence in ghostly relationships in the neighbourhood and gives all sorts of spiritual advice.

Takashima Masahiro as Iwana Seiji
A physical education teacher at Ohara Minami Junior High School and form teacher of Class 3/3. A teacher who is regarded by students and parents as a person to watch out for because of his willingness of mete punishment if it is necessary. However, he believes it is a teacher’s duty to scold for bad things and he is consistent in his stance. He is the odd one out even in the staff room. Young teachers and a portion of female students keep their distance from him as much as they can.

Maya Miki as Kirisawa Izumi
Ohara Minami Junior High School’s vice principal. She looks down on the unreliable principal and virtually runs the whole school. Because of her experience working as a lawyer, she was posted to the school as a civilian vice principal. She puts all her energy into recent problems of bullying and relationships with parents. “Never interfere in students’ family matters”, “Do the best to settle trouble with parents in a short time” come first. Once trouble occurs, she will swiftly conclude the matter in a business-like manner.

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