TV Asahi Drama Special 2013 ~ Aji Ichimonme II

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 11 May 2013
Cast: Nakai Masahiro, Kuninaka Ryoko, Kaname Jun, Yamamoto Yusuke, Kanjiya Shihori, Naito Takashi, Okae Kumiko, Yanagisawa Shingo, Shimura Togo, Kiki Kirin, Katsumura Masanobu, Imai Masayuki, Kitamura Soichiro, Nogiwa Yoko, Kobayashi Nenji
Synopsis: One day, Ihashi Satoru (Nakai Masaru), the assistant chef at the venerable Tokyo restaurant Fujimura, receives news of a class reunion. It has been 20 years since he graduated from culinary school. Proud that he has become a chef of a certain level, he gladly attends. However, his heart sinks at the sight of the luxuriousness of the venue as well as the differences in the perception of the value of money between his former classmates and himself. Furthermore, Kayama Natsuko (Kuninaka Ryoko), who now deals with numerous stores as a food consultant, suggests that he consider coming out and starting his own business. One day, Satoru falls sick and is hospitalised for several days. It is extremely busy at Fujimura without him, but the chef Nakatsugawa Hiroshi (Kaname Jun), who has returned from France, joins. The waitresses thoroughly adore the knowledgeable, sociable and caring Nakatsugawa. Satoru is not pleased to hear this. Then, he tries to resume working in the kitchen as in the past when he returns to Fujimura. However, the head chef Kumano Shinkichi (Kobayashi Nenji) and proprietress Fujimura Yoshie (Kiki Kirin) retain Nakatsugawa who is about to leave Fujimura with Satoru’s comeback. Just then, Satoru learns that his father (Kitamura Soichiro) does not have much time left because of heart trouble. Spurred by this shock, Satoru uses violence on Nakatsugawa and is banned from going out of the restaurant by Kumano. A letter from Natsuko is delivered to a disgruntled Satoru. It is an advertisement for the next head chef of a long-established Kyoto restaurant in a project to invigorate the Japanese culinary world. A culinary competition would determine this person. This would be broadcast live on TV. Wanting to become a head chef while his father is still in good health, Satoru submits his resignation to Fujimura and signs up for the competition. The competition finally starts. At that moment, an incident that would greatly determine Satoru’s destiny also occurs in Tokyo … …

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