Kakushou ~ Keishichou Sousa 3-ka


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Mondays, 8.00 – 8.54 p.m. from 15 May 2013


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Third Investigative Division handles thefts which make up 70% of criminal offenses. On Takeda Akiho’s first day at work at the Third Investigative Division, a robbery occurs at a Shibuya jewellery store. Akiho, who originally wanted to be in the First Investigative Division, is impatient, but is warned by Section Chief Ino Katsuya that robbery cases are the work of the First Investigative Division. However, she secretly leaves the office and heads to the crime scene. When she arrives, she notices a sharp-eyed man among the crowd of curious onlookers. This man, Hagio Shuichi, will be Akiho’s superior. Hagio is a veteran of the Third Investigative Division. Akiho becomes his partner and is taught the fundamentals as a specialist in thefts. After that, a safe at a Roppongi jewellery store is cracked. This is the Third Investigative Division’s case. When Hagio and Akiho rush to the scene, the safe thought to be secure because of a PIN and the latest fingerprint authentication system, has been broken into. After looking around the jewellery store, Hagio determines that one of three diamonds known collectively as the “Crider Family’s Three Sisters” had fallen victim. It is also determined that another of the three stones was stolen in the Shibuya robbery the other day. The possibility is raised that the two crimes were committed by the same criminal, but Hagio dourly says that the modus operandi is different although the two cases are definitely not a coincidence. Akiho and the others question his meaning but he merely says there is no conclusive evidence. At that moment, Hagio hears from Obuchi Takahiro of the crime lab that a special substance has adhered to the fingerprint authentication sensor at the Roppongi jewellery. Hagio goes to meet a man … …

Takahashi Katsumi as Hagio Shuichi
Rank: Assistant Inspector. A dedicated, veteran detective of 21 years. Because of the experience cultivated through his many years on the scene and his wealth of knowledge, even the First Investigative Division enlist his help. However, his unique perspectives and investigation approach frequently give rise to friction. His pet phrase is, “There is no conclusive evidence …”.

Eikura Nana as Takeda Akiho
Rank: Sergeant. She obtained a transfer from a police precinct’s Community Safety Division to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and starts life as a detective attached to the veteran Hagio Shuichi. At times, her emotions get ahead of her and she also makes mistakes but even so, her pluckiness impresses Hagio. She dreams of being in the First Investigative Division, the star of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, one day.

Yamamoto Ryuji as Ino Katsuya
Rank: Inspector. Head of the Third Investigative Division’s Fifth Section to which Hagio Shuichi and Takeda Akiho belong. He is always going about apologising for the conduct of Hagio and Akiho who often cause trouble for other divisions. Because nothing is worst than conflict, he constantly carries stomach medicine and prays that Hagio and Akiho will not cause problems.

Shitara Osamu as Sugai Naotaka
Rank: Assistant Inspector. The extraordinary passion with which he solves cases is that of a First Investigative Division detective. He is one of the best of the elite detectives who represent the division. Although he finds Hagio Shuichi a turn off because of his tendency to ignore rules, at the same time as a detective, he respects the unique persepective that Hagio brings to investigations.

Kadono Takuzo as Tabata Morio
Rank: Inspector. A non-career officer who worked his way up the ranks. He naturally has had past accomplishments. The judgment he has honed through his long years of experience is better than everyone else and he is also respected by his subordinates who are career officers. He is good at bringing Hagio Shuichi, who is thought to be difficult to handle by the people around him, as well as other individualistic investigators together.

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