Otenki Oneesan


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Fridays, 11.15 p.m. – 12.15 a.m. from 12 May 2013

TV Asahi

It is the fourth consecutive case of arson which always happens on a rainy day. Today, rookie detective Aoki Gota of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division, who is on a stakeout in the rain in an attempt to arrest the criminal, questions a male passerby carrying a lighter. A mysterious female appears before Gota and tells him, “This person isn’t the criminal. The criminal isn’t a person.” Pointing out that an astounding “phenomenon” is the culprit, she leaves a stunned Gota and his colleagues with the words “It’ll be a starry night tonight.” Several days later, this female suddenly shows up during the weather segment of Morningz, a morning programme. Her name is Abe Haruko. Haruko says hailstones will fall after one hour, an unlikely situation that shocks the programme’s staff. They argue over whether Haruko, a genius weather forecaster who obtained her certification at the age of 11, should be hired or rejected. At the moment that they are about to fire her, “Who is Abe Haruko?” becomes a topic on the programme’s forum, and then hailstones start to fall from the sky! As a result, Haruko is cleared and begins to work as a weather girl on Morningz. However, she offends the staff because of her surly attitude. On the other hand, she uses her vast knowledge of the weather including geology and astronomy to solve cases from a viewpoint that differs from the police and exposes the lies, tricks and alibis of criminals. Gota gets partnered with Haruko. He is the complete opposite of Haruko. But it is precisely because of this pairing that truth comes into view and pulls them towards unexpected reality. Haruko also unleashes Gota’s surprisingly special ability as a detective … …

Takei Emi as Abe Haruko
A genius weather forecaster who obtained her certification at the age of 11. There are even rumours that she is a descendant of a yin-yang master. Her knowledge is not limited only to weather forecasts, she is also familiar with studies related to the weather such as geology, astronomy and oceanography. She is a typical geek and extremely unrefined but is quite a beauty if one looks closely. However, she hates things that cannot be predicted such as humans and love. A weather girl on the morning programe Morningz, her predictions are rather accurate but she has no interest in what the programme seeks in weather girls. She is surly, and either ignores or completely cuts off calls from the studio. As a result, she antagonises the programme’s staff and female announcers everyday. However, this extraordinary lack of regard for others generates buzz on the internet instead. She is given the nickname “explosive low-pressure girl” and even starts to have zealous fans.

Okura Tadayoshi as Aoki Gota
A rookie detective who chose to be a civil servant because he perceives it as stable. His nickname is Yutori. He cannot get used to being scolded or taking a hit. He is simple enough that he will obediently pray if he is told by his superior to pray for rain. He has only one talent and that is his unusual skill of remembering something. Once he has seen a face, he cannot forget it and this talent becomes the clue to solve cases each time. He is completely unaware, but Haruko who sees this talent, makes him unleash it.

Sasaki Nozomi as Hashimoto Akane
A big-name female announcer who is the emcee of Morningz, the morning programme. She prides herself in having everything that females of the world envy – beauty, education and status, and is always brimming with confidence. She is initially not particularly concerned about the presence of the new weather girl Abe Haruko, but gradually starts to regard Haruko as a threat when she makes a splash among viewers.

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Mikumo Sanpei
A medical examiner. A verteran who has been dealing with dead bodies for more than 20 years. Even police detectives have considerable confidence in his brilliant observations. However, in this line of work, he has few opportunities to come in contact and interact with living humans. It appears that he is only able to talk to the dead because he was betrayed by a living woman. Aoki Gota is the only one he opens up to. On the other hand, he is also a big “weather girl watcher”. His current favourite is Abe Haruko. He makes her acquaintance and is very excited. Since then, he has been inspecting cases connected to Haruko with more enthusiasm than usual and discovers traces that ordinary medical examiners overlook, and in doing so supports the investigations of Haruko and Gota.

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